Around the bay / fixed 210km

Ditto about that headwind! Our noobie pelaton was useless.

Damn, Strava is out of control 179 acheivements!

Yeh. we rode side by side no pelaton, no draft. Everyone around us was gassing and slowing all the time no steady pace. Next year if I do it I am just going to smash it to Queenscliff on the tyre of a steady pacer to get to the early ferry.

Took us about an hour to get to the westgate from start time and then 2 hour wait at the ferry. bs.

this is why i would never do it, except with a small crew of mates on a day that there wasn’t 14000 people doing the same.

Totally. Fuck that noise.
The Spring Cycle was on yesterday in Sydney, you get 10,000 people doing a 55km course over the harbour bridge, through the city and out to Olympic park. None of my non-cycling friends could understand why I wouldn’t consider doing it…

Yeah I heard people weren’t too impressed with the 2hr+ wait for the ferry. Some ppl bailed and rode back via Geelong, the ones who waited got back to Melb as they were packing up the finish. That sucks!

It all just screams “massive logistics fail” to me.

I’ve always heard of massive waits for the ferry during ATB.
It’s nothing new, what do you do with that amount of people though?


Yeh. To be honest I just loved smashing past all these overcapitalised, complex bikes up the hills on fixed. Nice feeling when they are all huffing, shaking their heads, nodding and smiling when catching you on the next downhill or rest spot.

The carb gel loaded S works Venge Super record rider got passed by “…the guy eating dates, riding fixed”

yeah but you can do that any day of the week on beach road…

I don’t understand this thrill.

I did it in 2007 (i think, still have jersy, can confirm when i get home :P)
it was 40 mins between ferries, i think we just missed one, had time to eat, and then caught the next one. Not too much waiting at all (this was going clockwise).
That said i’m not likely to do it again except solo/small group.
I’m the first to admit i have limited group riding skills/etiquete but the ATBIAD fredoton was something else (IME)

Im talking mount martha, And never that many.

It’s the thrill of the deluded elitist.

It’s exactly the same as the stereotypical ‘overcapitalised’ roadie looking down on the ‘hipster’ fixed rider.

I just think its funny how low they gear down. It feels like I had an unfair advantage.

Sometimes I feel smug about not being as smug as Blakey.

No. Its the thrill of winning a segment riding single speed eating raw food instead of supplements. Not elitism. Just proud.

I really don’t want to get into this but I am going to say two things then depart.

  1. I think you’re making some general assumptions that might be a bit overly simplified.

  2. well done on finishing ATB on your fixie.