ASHCAN (aka JLN in modeling shocker)


JLN looks distressed someone update his music thread and get the kid some fucking priest bars.

In other news:
you have been reported to mods for breaking the terms of commercial advertising,11888.msg118574.html#new

no free rides here fuckers :lol:

much love.



Off to flog myself for being a capitalist whore.

I was pretty convinced JLN was asian until this

T shirts should well in the USA

from the current RoadBikeRider Newsletter

Guns ‘n’ Roadies
We received an intriguing e-mail from longtime RBR reader Jack E. of Nashville, Tennessee. It raises an issue that could become significant, considering the times we ride in.
We’ll let Jack explain:
"A recent discussion among some of our local cycling club dealt with carrying weapons, including guns for personal protection.
"Although I am a gun owner and I believe in the right to bear arms, I also believe there is no reason to have one on your person or bicycle while riding, especially in a group.
"However, certain members made the point that if the general public realized that some bicyclists may be carrying a weapon, they may give us a lot more respect on the road. They also made the point that being armed may prevent a serious attack from a pack of dogs or even a rabid animal.
“Please give me your thoughts on this, or even consider it for a group discussion.”
Our thoughts? Insanity, with a capital I. Middle fingers are perilous enough. Trigger fingers have no place in cycling. If you’re packing, quit pedaling and go find a different sport. Maybe biathlon.
But that’s just our opinion. What do you think?
RBR’s QUESTION of the Week
Are you OK with roadies carrying guns on rides?
We give you 3 ways to answer on our poll page, where you can also find an archive of previous poll results.

As at the time of posting, the voting was:
Are you OK with roadies carrying guns on rides?

Yes, absolutely - 18%
No, never - 64%
It depends - 18%

I’ve been made into a LOLZ JLN!

Also, I got’s some 3ttt bars, they’re not Priests, but they’re damn nice.

You are the Buddy Holly of the anticoast man.

Wait till I post up the pix from the ASHCAN nicks photoshoot!

Just a quick update to say that the stock levels of the first tee are getting low in some of the sizes, so best not to wait to long if interested. There is only 1 large left of the grey in the online shop and only a couple of smalls.

This will be the only run of this design. When they are gone, they’re gone.

seriously dude, buy a fucking ad.

Clearly you don’t need to if you have one of the mods modelling for you :stuck_out_tongue:

When you sell a few tees, for fuck’s sake buy that skinny hipster a STEAK!!

Now, now xbbx… He’s selling some shirts he got printed. He’s not spamming the forum.


It’s a bit rich IMO.

fixed that for you.

he may be a friend of yours, and you might be in the ad, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t advertising.

and if he wants to advertise, he can buy a fucking ad.

xbrendanx and Heatseeker:

I understand where your coming from. I’ll let the other mod’s sort this out. I think it’s a little too biased if I even try and step in.

true, and commendable of you to acknowledge it.

you are also more handsome than i imagined.