Ashes Thread

Have at it. Looking forward to sitting on the couch in my undies and drinking bevs.

pics or gtfo

Office big screen is on.

will take a pic when the time is right


Short for “underpants”, so called because they go under your pants.

Yeah but why bother?

gotta keep things proper.

Anyway, hopefully the rain stays away and we can enjoy some cricket.

Saves the couch from skidmarks when jamesy gets too excited at a LBW call?

How about that.


England chasing hard here.

Not much of a contest in the end! I’m just looking forward to KP’s horrible attempts at trolling for the rest of the series

ten wickets flattered australia massively. hoping for an ambush to keep things interesting.

Getting a little interesting in Adelaide

it is happenninngggggg.

Anyone see that V.I.P.oo commercial? Was odd.

yeah, seen it a few times.

“devil’s donuts”…

so odd.

Could be a cracker first couple of sessions.

Old matey’s gonna have a lot questions about the follow-on if the poms snag this.

Have Aus ever done the follow-on since that test in India when Dravid & Laxman towelled us up?