Attention males with wallets (or ladies with purses)

Hokay friends, my wallet is on it’s last legs. I need a fresh wallet.
I’d like to get it soon-ish, but not like tomorrow or anything.
I need your tips. Your suggestions, hardy, strong masculine wallets. I don’t need a coin purse, and I don’t need a compartment for condoms or anything.
Just some bits for my money and cards, y’know?
Also I won’t buy anything online, so just tell me where to buy them and stuff.

Get a money clip. Holds 2 or 3 (Licence and a credit card or two if you have awesome debt) cards and notes.

Okay, I know you said won’t buy online but I’m still going to show you these.

I just got one of these Bellroy wallets. I love it. Nice and sleek. Plenty of card slots. Two spots for notes (one of which has a small flap to cover it) and then just a small pocket for coins if you need it. Australian company too so you’d be supporting local business. I don’t know of anywhere in Melbourne stocking them, but there might be something.

queen vic market…

[Mighty Wallet]( wallets)

From here, which is located here.

If you have a Iphone This is the best wallet I have come across

Buy online tho… here

iPhone / iPod Touch RETRO MODERN leather wallet sleeve by portel

Takes about 2 weeks to get here from Estonia

These. Tough and thin. I destroy wallets alarmingly quickly but have had mine for almost a year and still going strong

These are good suggestions.
I don’t mind spending a bit Though, I was thinking around the $100-$200 mark.

i’ve seen some wallets that float my boat at the rose st artist market, simple ones, like the bellroy link above, few card slots, place to put notes and hoard receipts.

i’m waiting for my wallet to die before i can justify spending $150ish on one.

I had one for ages too. Problem was it didnt look very professional at business meetings when i busted out the credit card for lunch etc…

“is your wallet made from paper?”"
‘ugh yes’

^ I think it was more your choice of ‘Hello Kitty’ graphics.

ha ha ha ha!!!

in all seriousness though!

I’ve been using a Louis Vuitton Wallet for the last 5 years (minus a few months with a mighty wallet and a coach wallet that was too big) and it has been fantastic. Wasn’t cheap, but the leather quality was awesome, it has over the years moulded to my cards/ass so is super comfortable to sit on. Only gripe is i should have bought one size up for a couple of extra card slots… But it has been great. Only now am i starting to see some cracks/wear in the leather on the folding corners!

I quite like my J-Fold. It’s colourfull and stuff, and is still in one peice after 3 years or so…

Virtually indestructible, the dunhill Biometric Wallet will open only with touch of your fingerprint.
it can be linked via Bluetooth to the owner’s mobile phone – sounding an alarm if the two are separated by more than 5 metres! This provides a brilliant warning if either the phone or wallet is stolen or misplaced.
The exterior of the wallet is constructed from highly durable carbon fibre that will resist all but the most concerted effort to open it, while the interior features a luxurious leather credit card holder and a strong stainless steel money clip.

Got a spare $825?

I bought a Wallet from those St Kilda markets about 5 years ago. The company was Toad Leather Wallets, still use it everyday and not one sign of wear:)

vegan wares.

My Carhartt wallet has lasted nearly three years and is going strong, but it’s really just a standard one with a logo.

All the cool kids have them…


missus bought me this, cant complain, quality leather. Love it.

My Mrs bought me an LV wallet as well, tough as nails, the canvas materials lasts for ages.