Attn: Music Nerds (Parts & Labor related).

Does anyone know of the song that samples the synth line from the start of Parts & Labors song “Drastic Measures” from their album Stay Afraid? It basically has the sample, then kicks in to a terrible Ting Tings-esque songs with some girl singing. She says something about “this is the song they play at all the clubs”.

You can hear the riff I’m talking about here (it’s starts at 0.42 seconds).

I heard it yesterday in Rebel Sport and I’m intrigued to hear who it is.

no idea, but i fkn love parts and labor.

play the riff into one of those fandangled iphones and itll tell you the original and also which song samples it?
i dont know the name of the program, but it guessed a wu tang song that i played into my work mates one, when all i played was the movie they sampled at the start.

no idea, but i fkn love Ting Tings.

Have you seen the guitarist for Parts & Labor?

Not to mention the new record is amazing.

GTFO Spud!

Parts and Labor are overproduced.

Yes, and no.

M83 are overproduced, but I still love them.

M83 are the right kind of overproduced for the right kind of musak.

Parts & Labor… they sound compressed into obscurity for me.

Sample located!

at 0:48, same 3 notes - although they’re repeated, they don’t go on to the next part of the tune :cry:

as if they are overproduced… Overproduced is all the fucking top40 groups overusing vocoders to autotune their voice… new Kanye for instance… shithouse.

Sure they use their sample pads and keys to their fullest but like ShutImFixed said… for the music they play it is what it is.

did you see them last week? they did an incredible job live.
So rad to see a drummer that good in that style. I think he definately makes the band.

Something Spud and I agree on? (my son too, but he’s 6 :-D)

I saw them (M83) last year in New York. It was amazing. The drummer is amazing to watch too. So many awesome Phil Collins moments.

They’re not overproduced per se, but there is a lot of production on their recordings. It’s no necessarily a bad thing, but compared to a lot of other “indie” bands. I dig it though, and I’d hate to hear them more stripped back. In saying that, the latest Parts & Labor album is a lot more produced than their earlier stuff. Hell, it’s almost a pop album!

I’m preetty sure that’s not the song I heard.

I don’t think Heath Ledger or Jake Gylenhall had anything to do with it.

i think that’s alex’s attempt at Rick Rolling everyone here.
that youtube of drastic measures was overcompressed to fuuck, i hope they sound better from a studio recording :stuck_out_tongue: