Aus Day Nebo ride

Who’s in?
Plan on starting at 6 at lifecycle.
it’s a “see you at the top” kinda ride after the big sign where the climb starts…

awesome! can it go down the steep side? i drove up/down that a few weeks ago looks like ace fun

6am… yuck… might have a crack though, have never been up b4, is possible fixed yeah?(shuddup n8 not asking you)

out and back is fine fixed and brakeless - same can not be said for the side dropping back into Samford

it’s up and down… the longest section of UP is only about 1km… and you get a run up.
so “yes” - but it would be a tough hour in the saddle…

and coming down to samford brakeless would be suicidal imo

keen if I’m here but the plan at the moment is to head to the coast for the long weekend


Sooooo isnt it just an up and back thing? not head out to samford?

that’s how I read it

just saying it would take me about an hour - the extra time being cause i’d need to take it easy where i could to save the legs for the climbs…

i think the record is 37mins… i think

i’m happy to go to samford on way home - but just saying red - you gotta put a brake on if we do that cause it is a frickin steep descent and it scares the crap outta me even on a roadie!

Just havin a dig.

It’s a great ride - love the last little bit, once you start heading downhill and the scenery transitions to more of a rainforest feel before the village

Is it worse than the 1% gradient my street is on? cause i can pull up pretty well on that…

  • dont own anything with a brake… i usually aim for large masses to slow/stop, busses, small trucks or with australia now being one of the fattest nation, a large protion of the population could be ideal also.

nah c’mon red, you’ll be sweet!

as long as i can ride geared

I’ll be in Melbourne :frowning:

soft? haha i’ll most certainly be taking gears… well a gear actually, granny gear, all the way baby!

looks like it’s gonna be wet all week.
it would be pretty crazy to come down brakeless in the wet!
i can lend you a brake red!

dont swear at me!!!

i can lend you some finger splints and physiotherapy putty… what am i saying, if its gonna rain, the last person that’ll be there is redmond