Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2010

Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships
September 18 & 19 2010
West End, Brisbane. Australia!


  • Flyer to be updated this week with sponsors logos (we will then post it on league of bike polo etc…)
  • Registration to be opened this week via
  • Championships to commence 8:30am on Saturday 18th Sept
  • Rules to be released asap

Confirmed Sponsors:

Any queries contact users - Gypsy or Antmandan -

Hey gyp.

Lookin good- Did you delete the other thread?

Did you read my post about refs before you binned it?

p.s you should make embroidered patches. and save me one.

Big boo boo on my behalf completely deleting the other thread. I didn’t mean to.

If you could bother to repost that would be fabulous. I actually didn’t read it, i just ploughed straight into a new thread but completely messed it up.

A ha. I can summarise.

me: brisbane should decide the rules, publish them in advance and feel free to use the word document 2009/redux at and change them to brisbane so we dont repeat melbournes mistakes.

lewis: is having an awesome time in europe and ref’s are important and they have to have a clue, maybe each city nominate people and have a meeting at the start to agree on being consistent.

sugarkane… lewis is taking it too seriously. its not important.

me: it is important for some, and having clear rules and good refs is a good idea.

lewis: where did the thread go?

gypsy: heres the flyer, oops, boo boo.

me: a ha, i can summarise.

exciting. i think ive got a half chubby.

i notcied its “australasian” this year?

Our cousins from across the ditch are supposed to be coming - Australasian is a bit more inclusive…

More sponsors: KNOG - KNOG : General Pages

Been doing the ring arounds today. Got these sorted.

Those diggers are awesome - should make for good games.

We’ll do our best…more info on our possible attendance soon.

Do they have those drainage slots at the bottom? how do you plan to plug those if they do?

We’re trying to get ones without slots, and if that isn’t possible we’ll come up with a way to close them off.

Yeah we will be plugging them up with something. The barriers without the slots are alot more espensive. We should get around it easy enough!

anyone feel like putting some of us adelaidians up for the weekend? or is there somewhere close by (and cheap) that we can stay at?

Yeah we can organise accomodation for anyone who needs it. registration and more info coming within the next day or so.

flights are booked!

Sweet! It’s shaping up to be a killer weekend. Hope everybody else is getting/has flights sorted as well.

gypsy…count on Waiting for the sun for sponsorship… also i can t wait to come … i ll book my flight the friday this time!! if any accomodation for me and GF is possible it could be great, if not i know a good motel close to your sunday court…

We should be able to find accommodation for all who can make it up here.

Looking at flights now. Can’t wait.
Let me know if you want prizes/spons Gypsy. Again if not conflicting.