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fun to ride, gets me to school 20 minutes earlier than the train, new pake cranks and bb, all I need now is a new rear cog cause mine is slipping from wear :smiley:

Slipping from wear? The problem may not be with the cog…

Sure it’s tightened correctly/has a lockring?

I ask because I don’t understand how a worn cog would slip.

hmm, I asked my friend at bsc and everything has been checked over by them, I was doing work experience and they gave it a free service and free installation of cranks

at this point did you realise that many of the mechanics at bsc are idiots?

(this isn’t to tar all with the same brush. the folks at QV are generally excellent)

Nah it was the guys from QV, I am friends with em, he checked over loose stuff, I will check the lockring though

shane is very good… chris too…

shane’s funny as well, also ben yates the mechanic played many a joke on me, like sending to get non-existent tools from the hardware store or painting my elbows with waterproof grease when I was building.

can you think of any other reason for my cranks slipping forward a 1/4 of a rotation when I push hard or pull up to skid?

you do have a lockring, right?

yes! I don’t have a death wish.

Tales has basically answered your question. Your cog and lockring aren’t tightened sufficiently against each other. Perhaps you need a spacer between cog and lockring, or a spacer between cog and hub. The latter will effect your chainline, which may me beneficial. A BB spacer works well.

Not really, but I’m not a bike mechanic… Did you install the cog with a chainwhip? I tried to tighten my first cog with just my hands and couldn’t get it tight enough (i.e. same problem as you)

Maybe try riding up a big steep hill and then tighten your lock ring?
That worked for me.

And I only did that because I don’t own a chain whip.

had same slippikng issue and had both tightened and presto all better.


Try rotafixing, worked for me -

Does this cog look worn or does the lockring/cog look untight? thanks guys

2nd pic, is it me or does it look like theres a gap between the cog and lockring.

also, is that a suicide hub or proper trackhub?

its a suzue track hub

hmm…tried just taking off the lockring and cog, giving it a clean from debris (sand etc) and re-installing?