Azizul gets a splinter.

I guess he won’t be racing next week after all:


Thats one serious splinter. See Jimmy things could’ve been worse :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks blakey. i don’t know what happened to my pic.

That is pretty brutal. I didn’t listen to the commentary, was it the result of a tyre rolling off the front rim?

Feel bad for Awang.

How does he have the splinter in his leg while still on his bike???

Did he get up after the crash, get back on his bike, do up his toestraps and set off for the finish line?

no it was caused by trying to get into a gap where there was no gap, as awang does a lot

YouTube - 2011 Track Cycling World Cup - Mens Keirin Final - Awang’s Splinter.flv

2011 World Cup track, Manchester, Azizulhasni Awang - Photo - VeloNews

“Not so Azizulhasni Awang, who crashed and collected a seven-inch splinter through his left leg. He still managed to cross the line and win the overall keirin title. Photo: Andrew Yates | AFP”

Sure sounds like it.

He gets back on, clips in and rides through for bronze (@ 10 secs in). Apparently he will be fine in a week according to BBC.

wtf? chris hoy ended up so far in front that he didn’t even know there was a crash until his victory lap! nice one, velonews!

hoy won that race, but awang won the overall world cup series

Which dodgy velodrome caused this??

You know it’s a big splinter when you need a pair of pliers to get it out…

i stand corrected.

according to josiah, they had still left the splinter in there when he saw azi this morning. azi was just heading into surgery to have it removed.

Awesome shit, very, very awesome.

argh! that’s full on.

He didn’t do that, he was strapped in the whole time. You can see a person in his team picks him back up and gives him a fairly decent push. But still, imagine pedaling those bikes with huge gears with a splinter running in and out of each side of your calf!

i love yakitori!

Look at Awang’s position from the very start of the video. Looks more like he held his line, while the Spaniard (in red & yellow) either tried to take the corner too tightly or just slipped.