Azizul gets a splinter.

further info, including the splinter, now removed:

UCI World Cup 2011 - Awang’s Splinter Update |

Can’t believe they won’t let him keep the splinter.

From an article my dad sent me:
"Another of the injured cyclists, New Zealander Richard Dawkins, who hit the track face first, got up and wheeled his bike over the line before he too collapsed. When approached by a medic he declined any medical treatment, apparently telling the first aider: “I’m from New Zealand. We don’t feel pain.” "

further proof that Richard Dawkins is awesome, and kiwis are tough as f*ck

am i the only one who thinks hoy was a bit of a douchelord in the way he acted? ok, throw your arms up, celebrate, do a lap. but continuing to soak up the adulation while others are laid out on their backs - wiped out - seems a bit over the top.

^ Agreed. Unless he didn’t realise how bad it was.

YouTube - 2011 Track Cycling World Cup - Mens Keirin Final - Full Version.flv
in the end of this it wasnt till after hoy was off the bike that he saw the crash and how bad it was

and in this
UCI World Cup 2011 - Awang’s Splinter Update on Vimeo
apparently awang and his coach didnt notice the splinter till after he got off the bike, they had to keep the splinter in over night then he got an mri in the morning and it was taken out in surgery the next day

plus after watching several videos to me i looks like the Spaniards tire rolled off the front wheel and caused it all

That’s like being concerned about your facial expression as your cumming. You do what you do and just go with the moment. I may look in agony, or hysterical, my eye’s may roll into the back of my head, my head might spin, my skin may turn blue, I might even look like I’m gonna vomit … but fucked if I care, or if I’m gonna give any thought whatsoever to what i look like whilst I’m punching out the gravy strokes.

Well, strewth.

Has anyone talked to the splinter? what’s its opinion on all this?

More to the point, what does the splinter think of Spirito’s use of “gravy strokes”?

too hard to tell from the angles ive seen, do you have any other angles?

I’m more annoyed at the Spaniards pushing of the NZ rider to get to the line, but it is lulz to see him fail and slip and fall.

Do you reckon Mrs Commuter and Mrs Spirito could get together for a chat? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm … I’m not clever enough to guess what you’re intimating.

Either is the new Voyeur Web or perhaps it’s something akin to Parent-Teacher night ?!?!
Or maybe it’s just recognition that Mrs. Spirito is a good sport, and yes she is … one of a kind and I’m very lucky, especially putting up with all my silliness.

My local bar-cafe used to be called ‘vinegar strokes’…
…guess what face they pulled.

The splinter is in talks with several high profile sports agents at the moment.

Thats exactly what I was thinking. I rolled past the pile of mayhem pumping his fists in the air.

oh fuck. pure gold, spirito, pure fucking gold!

If Mrs Spirito is capable of inducing such paroxysms during your marital congress maybe Mrs Commuter would like to know how she does it (but maybe not the vomit move :p)