B.I.G 'Drome Day.


DATE NOW CONFIRMED AT: Saturday, September 3 · 9:00am - 7:00pm MEET POINT AT 9AM YET TO BE DECIDED.

henri (that’s me!) recently made the trip to collie for business and managed to do scope the collie 'drome, turns out its totally rideable!! (few potholes…aint no thang!) So, the event is not set in stone, so far this is just to see how much interest there is as it is a 2.5 hour drive s/e of perth. there are two options: we can all chip in and hire a bus/vans and pile humans and bikes into it or drive cars (2 bikes, 2 peeps per car).

thinking if we head down at about nine am and stay until we can no longer see! bring bbq, beers, tunes and make a day of it!

the date can be changed to accommodate maximum numbers if needed.

please post up ideas for logistics, food, music, race formats and general hooliganism that is B.I.G!


There will be prizes…

henri, looks the biz dude!

trailers might be easier/cheaper. ie box trailer with a cage, should be able to fit heaps of bikes and gear etc.

what happened to that velodrome near mt lawley? my dad used to referee soccer in the infield about 1989…

apparently the Mount Hawthorn (Litis Stadium) velodrome was torn up and removed as a trade off to get the speeddome in Midland. Here is a picture after its removal. the tunnel on the right and hills are still visible…


thanks aerobloke

i once spent an entire afternoon when i was about 5 or 6 sliding down the banks on my arse while dad was refereeing. wore a hole right through my shorts.

tres embarassing

This would be a sensational day out. I,ll definitely bring the Panasonic down for a run. Let us know if you need a hand with some logistics. More than happy to lend a hand.

velo-cross anyone?!?!?!??!

Box trailer would be suitable if I didn’t pull the towbar off my AU. Besides I can take the company car and not pay for fuel!!!

Keir, as Long as you arent afraid of cracks and a few dodgy patches then bring your panasonic!!! I’ll put up some more pics of the surface. It’s a bit dodgy but very rideable, ain’t no thang!!!

And yes like I said, once we get good interest we’ll throw some dates around!!!

Sounds good!

Are you getting access through a member of the local cycling club? I went down two weeks ago and its well and truly fenced off, not exactly open to the public, or maybe i am missing something obvious?

No, I went down last Wednesday and there were 2 or 3 gates open into te ground and only had to step over a chain to walk around the track.

I think the date will most likely be pushed back one week as I have State Championships that weekend of another sport I compete in. Will keep you all posted.

bolt cutters bro.

Been a while since I’ve been round these parts but now seems like a good time. You should get in contact with Crank n Cycles in Collie, I’m not sure if anything could be gained but the owner is a ripping bloke and was trying to get the velodrome resurfaced a while ago.

*I am assuming ownership hasn’t changed since last time I was there.

Already have! Cheers anyway mate!!

sounds promising. pretty keen, depending on date…

poppin caps

you know it!!! last weekend when i went to shoot some muppet shot himself in the foot when holstering his pistol HA HA

hahah what a nOObie.