So basically I’m after a new bag. Right now I’ve got one of those $15 dollar backpacks from Aussie Disposals, and it’s un-comfortable as hell when riding, and isn’t very secure, and doesn’t hold a lot of stuff.

I’m after something decent, big enough to hold a bunch of stuff seeing as I always seem to stay out for days at a time, just carrying clothes, and locks, and tools, and bottles of water, and beers.

So I’m after something medium sized, that’s comfortable when walking AND riding, and I’m looking to spend around, $150. Maybe more if I have to. Waterproof and lots of pockets would be good as well. Not sure if I’m after a backpack or a messenger bag.

Crumpler is looking like a good choice right now, how do they hold up? I want something that will last a while…

What would you all suggest?

I haven’t had my crumbler that long but it looks as fresh as the day it was brought. I use it everyday and treat it like shit so it holding up really well.
Pricey though.

Yea, I’ve been reading up on them a bit, and they seem pretty good.

I’m thinking about getting the Seedy Bar. Anyone have any experience with it?

<a href=“”>Ortlieb Messenger Bag</a>
This is the shizzle dizzle, waterproof, two proper shoulder straps, German quality.
I’ve had mine for about a year and a half with no issues. Personally I don’t like Crumpler bags because of the single strap- they hurt my shoulders and back after extended periods.


They have back packs…
…and surly staff.

I’m rocking the keystone for those times I have to carry my camera gear around. But it serves as my day to day bag also. You wouldn’t fit a huge amount in it though.

I’d go the Chrome bags.

I’ve had mine for a while now and find them quite comfortable to ride with and I like the fact they’re a decent size. I can fit my work clothes, spare shoes, lock, boxing gear, towel, deoderant etc and it still has some room left over.

And, they’re a great canvas to draw on.

Does anywhere in Melbourne in stock them? Or do I have to buy online?

I think SPOKEN stock CHROME

deuter bags are awesome

only because im from around philly, but im a huge fan of my reload bag. handmade!

had a reload, it was ok, but the lack of compartments annoyed me.

have a chrome now. it’s bigger than i need, but seems to sit ok on my back even when it’s not full. comfy, lots of compartments, stash pocket for any contraband. 2 thumbs up.

i got a baileyworks. had to order it from the states, but it rules.

Aaah, so many options.

The Crumpler seems like a good choice because I could pick one up today and I’ve heard a whole lot of good things and it is what I want, though it lacks a couple of extra pockets, but I can live without them.

But the Chrome Ranchero is looking pretty good because of all the extra pockets, but overall it will be more expensive and I’ll have to wait a while to get it…

Baileyworks is out of my price range.

What to do…what to do…

try this:

Or my personal favourite, The bra that turns into a bag

mmmmm, boobies

That’s because you have skinny little girly-man shoulders.

extra pockets are good. i had about 3 pencil cases running around in my reload. it was good bag, just wish it had a few more compartments.

have you considered alchemy?

I’m in a similar situation. I have ruled out crumpler though because i’m a leftie and all their straps go the wrong way. Also i have heard bad things about their quality since manufacturing moved off-shore.
So now i’m thinking chrome is the way to go because they seem pretty bombproof and yeah all the extra pockets are good. It won’t work out to be much more expensive than a crumpler by the time it gets here and it’s seems to be a much better bag.

If you decide to go the chrome option let me know because shipping might work out cheaper with multiple bags.

Does anyone use those smaller Chrome / Seagull / Crumpler bags like the Chrome Hipbone? Something to clip on my belt. I want to get it tocarry a bike tool, mini-pump, spare tube, lock, etc, but I don’t want to have to carry a backpack around or use a saddle bag. I looked at getting a Chrome Hipbone but they wanted to charge $50 postage (!) and Seagull wanted to charge $25 postage! Crumpler seem like my best bet cause they have a store here and the bags look to be around $25 - $50.

But, has anyone had experince with using these smaller bags?

Two thumbs up for crumpler which I used for commuting - I’ve got one of the larger singlestrap bags and it fits a ton of stuff in at least for the 10 k commute each day. Seems to be fairly waterproof and well constructed. Comfort is good and it can be adjusted to sit fairly high across your back which I prefer.

See the other thread under “backpacks/bags” in the help section for recommendations on backpacks.

I’ll give a definite vote of approval for the Chrome bags. I’ve got a medium sized one and it rules. Really comfortable, excellent strap system (one-handed tightening is a must), decent number of pockets, fully waterproof (vital), fits a fair amount of shit in it, and has well placed straps.

I’ve also got an old school Crumpler which is pretty good, but the strap system isn’t as comfortable or versatile, and it’s a bit lacking in features. Great bag though, and it’s survived some heavy abuse without showing it.

-1 for the chrome, sorry to be a downer :stuck_out_tongue:

I had one made up by chrome in 2001 as im a lefty as well and within 7 months of work the seat belt strap had begun to fray and get caught up in the rasp mech. After another 2 months the rasp had cut halfway through the strap and gave me a useable strap of about 10cm which was wildly infuriating on a Friday arvo when i was trying to get that friggin A3 envelope into my bag.

Yeah they look good, are as waterproof as you can get riding around all day and the rest of the bag is longlasting but the strap mech has to be one of the most important aspects of a bag and the chrome failed badly.

plus cvnts come up to you at the lights and press the seatbelt button.