Bamboo Bike Frame Group Build

Need a new frame? Ever wanted a custom fit bicycle but couldn’t fork up the cash?
Want something renewable and made from recycled materials?

In october I will be building a bamboo frame and I am inviting anyone else that wants to build their own to split materials with me.

Cost (approx)
$25 for carbon tow
$10 for epoxy
Bamboo - free from the right suppliers
an old bike frame for headtube, drop outs, seat sleeve
$15 lugless bottom bracket (if you want a new one)
$20 for associate membership for the artifactory (for tool use)

method I will be following:
BuildIts: Building a Bamboo Bike Frame

I’ve already built one steel frame, I can help you with sizing and fitting.
This is a build-your-own operation. I will not put it together for you. I will help you along the way.

This frame will be unique, it will be custom, and it will be fitted to you.
PM me for more info on this project, looking to complete this all in october.

haha thats pretty awesome

looks like alot of time and effort.
At the start i didn’t think much (look wise), but after reading the whole thing I appreciated it so much

im keen! that is wicked!

would we be able to remove the road dropouts and replace them with track dropouts from the chain and seat stays?

does artifactory have the tools necessary to do so?

ya the artifactory has all the tools, if you want track ends you can either hack up an old bmx bike or order them from the states. its all up to you. there’s also a cnc machine to engrave a headbadge or whatever custom work you would like to do

so with the artifactory membership, can we go in there anytime or just when you are there or something?
and also, do you know how much that frame would end up weighing? (approximately)

shiit, id be keen just to watch you guys pull this together

the associate student membership is $25 (not $20 as i previously stated) for a month and it allows you access whenever other members are present. currently people are here monday nights, wednesday nights, and saturday afternoons. $50 a month gives you full student access and gives you a key to use the space when you wish. if there is enough people that want to do this I could run a tuesday night or sunday night build night.

as per weight, these come in lighter than a steel bike of similar build, but much heavier than aluminum or carbon bikes. the epoxy ends up weighing a good amount.
also if your thinking of doing it fixed you’d want to wrap the chainstays in carbon tow also because of the stress.

this is a fantastic concept, nice one Alvern.

wow. this looks pretty awesome. im definately interested. the drop outs on my current frame are shitt so this would be pretty mad to rebuild it out of bamboo with track ends. Really just depends if i get another bike together in the interim or not. kudos on the idea but!

Count me in!! Great idea Alvern!

everyone that was interested has been PM’d, but there will be a design meeting at the artifactory next wednesday the 15th.
open for all to attend, even if your just interested or on the fence about the idea. it’s wine and design night so bring something to drink.

Artifactory - Wine and Design Wednesday
17 Burt St Mt Lawley
7:30pm 15/9/10

Looks like a lot of fun. If only I didn’t have exams… Good luck with the build guys.

Got the pm. I’ll deffs come down. Not 100% locked in. As i said need o lock in another frame but I’ll see you there on the 15th!

wont be able to make the wednesday night.
and not sure if i can 100% commit because of school and stuff

the 15th is just a design meeting.
HLC, frames can be dumpstered. also you could probably argue with the old guy at pal and panther to pick up something cheap, all you need is a head tube and fork.
parts can be made on the cnc machine.
fabrication won’t start until october.
i’m just ordering supplies this week and need to know how many frames are to be built, as of now i’m only ordering carbon tow for 3 bikes

You can order the carbon toe for me and I will pay, but if I decide not to commit building it I’ll just keep it and use it another time after my exams if that’s cool?

And a few more questions
So we don’t need dropouts and the stays? They can be made on the cnc?
And, can we use like and old bmx or mtb frame with a 1-1/8" steerer instead of one from an old roadie?

you can use whatever frame you want, just remember this
aluminum requires a separate treatment epoxy to bond with the carbon and epoxy.
as per the 1 1/8" steerer, you can do whatever you wish just have the fork you are going to use before hand. its much easier to design the steering around an existing fork than one that doesn’t exist.
stays are going to be bamboo wrapped in carbon tow.

things that are necessary:
bottom bracket (can be bought locally)
dropouts (can be made locally)

So if we just need an old headtube n we can cnc shit I will 98% be in. It’s hard rubbish in my area over te next few weeks so I’ll find a old MTB or something to strip for the bots. Passed up a couple last weekend!!