Bar tape recommendations..

Hey guys after black bar tape and was wondering what brands or types you guys recommend?


Milan C

pls use the…

oh wait, i wasn’t sure on this one, so i did it myself. there don’t seem to be any threads about bar tape. carry on.

i only use NJS bar tape

cinelli cork tape.

or if you are cheap, old bike tubes

are you after cork or vinyl tape? theres plenty all over ebay (fizik, cinelli, deda)
personally i think vinyl tape looks alot better than the cork ones, vinyl also lasts alot longer.
Benotto tape also looks really slick, they are plastic which gives it a slight transparent look + the colour range looks awesome

I prefer the old skool feel and DEDA is my favourite.

I’m a fan of cinelli tape- you can usually get it for a pretty good price. cecil walker in the city had a box of it for 4.95 a while back

I’m using the Fizik Microtex bar tape at the moment, and that’s been fantastic so far. I’ve used Newbaum’s cotton for a while as well, and that was also really good. Only thing is I haven’t found anywhere in Aus to get it from.

^ cinelli tape in butt ugly colours.

i’m a big fan of the specialized stuff atm. even though i still don’t like to ever admit to liking specialized stuff.

BBB bar tape is friggin excellent. They are a very hit and miss brand but they hit the money with their bar tape.

I like that cloth tape they sell at Abbotsford cycles. it’s not at all comfortable, but shit it looks good.

well, quickstep use their stuff, so it can’t be all bad.

^I agree it looks good but it doesn’t last, weather and sweat will chew through that stuff quickly. It is cheap though. Initially I thought the post said ‘goth’ tape

How’s your road frame?

I can also recommend Cinelli cork tape: easy to put on, comfortable, looks nice, and stays grippy in the wet (which, after buying the cheap vinyl stuff, seals the deal for me).

I almost fell off my chair. You guys use bar tape?!? :wink:

Cinelli - it’s got the highest failure rate I know of (tears a lot when wrapping) and they’re really stingy with the amount you get - too bad if you ride 46cm bars, you have to be a wrapmeister to cover it all.

I like Bike Ribbon - it’s Italian, it’s got a sticky strip that doesn’t peel when you do a rewrap (unless it’s months later), it’s spongy, and it’s long enough. And cheep. They make a gel version which is even spongier. And gel pads to go underneath (recommended for grumpy hands).

BBB is made in ?China. Like Good Horse. Velo also, which is very good too. Any number of names for the same thing.

One I’ve used (repeatedly), against my better judgement, is the Fizik sewn-perforated leather-look stuff. I’m always disappointed when it fades and scuffs after about 3 weeks. But that’s the 3rd time I’ve tried it on my own bike. Oh well. Yes, it looks good when wrapped well, but it’s a bugger to get off again.

Anybody been using the Brooks leather tape for a longish while? Reports?

have used, have admired, have had the same problems.

Old $5 Cecil Cinelli certainly seems dry and does tear if you’re not careful

Have used plenty of Bike Ribbon and been happy with it.

My Co-Motion came with Brooks black leather tape in June 2009, I’ve been riding it more than any other bike and toured on it last year, it’s still looking new. Even when I was hit by a car it didn’t scuff or tear much. I see no need to replace it in the next few years.

I thought we all had risers and ourys?

That said, i have KORE tape, or something. Pretty good, considering I traded a can of can club & dry for it.

I like retro, and leather, and B&D, so I have rubbed VO Elkhide for a year. Even re-wrapped it with cork underneath. Has afew chips and scratches, but still looks and feels the goods.