Bar Tape

Below is a beautiful Japanese Ohtaki build.
Bar tape looks extra special (to me anyway) anyone aware of something similar to this in chocolate brown or secondly black?

Its looks like cloth tape to me.

brown or black

^ Thank you Lewis
Does anyone know how it fairs in the wet? Like with rain and sweat etc?

Anyone ,aking an order from Velo-Orange soon want to buy me two browns and a black and I’ll pay you before you order + postage to me in Brisbane?

Or can we get it in Oz?

I’ve used it in the past and really liked it. i prefer thin grip areas. It doesnt give you much padding, but gives you more to hold on to than naked bars. Does fine for itself in the wet, keeps your hands on the bars.

Theres a few shops in Aus that do the VO stuff, but may or may not have the tape.
Try Cheeky Transport in Sydney or (i think) Human Powered in Melb.

Someone was talking about VO headsets in another thread a few days ago. Maybe they were gunna buy. Do a search for it?

Abbotsfords cycles in Richmond sell cloth tape too. Not sure about brown, but bought black not so long ago.
Worth a look.

You can make cloth tape more water proof giving it a lick of shellac, may change the colour a bit though.

i grabbed some the other day from abbotsford cycles, dont remember seeing any brown, they only had a few colors, but def had black.

does anyone know how you finish the wrap without using tape?

start from the top and wrap down. stuff the end into the bar, under the bar plug. Looks nice but might start coming undone from the end eventually.

Start at the bottom and wrap towards the frame, and up to the stem. Your way will loosen with riding.

cheers, yeah thats what i thought, problem is it will turn ugly quickly.

anyone tried shellacking cloth tape? i’m considering doing it on my station ride/commuter.

Yeah, 'twas fine.

Yeah i know that. He asked how to finish without tape (like in the photo).

Its done from wrapping from the top down. So it looks clean now.

But as i also mentioned wrapping that way will come undone.

Black cotton TOSHI tape. Kookie Bikes. Order online. They are in Austalia.

Reeeeaaallly cheap way is to buy black cotton cloth tape from Spotlight etc. It’s about $4 for 5 or so metres.


cat-eye makes some nice cotton tape with adehsive and bar ends for about $13 landed on ebay.

but no brown :frowning:

Hmmm, I’m onto that! Thanks.

haven’t taped a bar for a LOOOOONG time… but the last time if I remember right … had the issue of unravelling when wrapping top down as per pic…

but then I found… if I remember rightly… as I said a LOOOOOONG time ago… if you wrap top down but wrap the opposite direction it did not unravel… or at least not as easily… in that you start on the top of the bar near the stem and instead of like in the pic pull towards the rear and then under the bar… pull with the tape direction wrapping towards the front of the bike and then under the bar… and then end up at the ends where you use a bar end plug to hold it in place

try with the cheap spotlight tape… which is not too much different from the “real” bar tape… and if doesn’t work go for a tape with adhesive strip on the back


ive used this with a bit of double sided tape for quite a while now. Spotlight or Lindcraft have a huge range of widths, colours and coarseness. Shellacking needs a few coats and it changes the colour but it protects it really well. Awesome vintage finish too.

Ive normally used 1 to 1.5m per side for drop bars (which allows some extra at end).