Beastie Boys Appreciation Thread


Okay, so for my 3000th post I thought I would indulge myself.

I fucking love the Beastie Boys. I’ve got every album, often in multiple formats, bonus discs, promos, bootlegs, singles, remixes, Japanese issues, side projects, I’ve seen them play in Hobart, Melbourne (twice) and London (twice), I spent a day hanging outside their hotel to get them to sign a picture I ‘curated’ of them and I’ve got several framed pictures of tour posters including a set list and a backstage pass.

Sabotage did it for me. Before that I thought they were just another white boy wannabe rap group. Their punk stuff further consolidated their awesomeness, then I was addicted and never looked back.

If they put out an album of them cutting their toe nails, I’d probably buy it (on vinyl) and love it. They’re all old farts now, but even their latest offering is right up there and they still put on a mad gig…although they don’t do that so much anymore.

So this thread is all about the Beastie Boys. What’s your favourite album? Favourite Beastie Boy? Where did you see them play? Got any rare shit? Why do they rule? Why do they suck? Why does Ad Rock keep getting better while MCA keeps getting worse?

[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Arial]I’m bad ass, move your fat ass, 'cause you’re wack, son [/FONT]
Dancin’ around like you think you’re Janet Jackson[/FONT]




I listen to Beastie Boys when I am framebuilding and the energy levels start to dip, helps me get through the afternoon



They rule, I guess as I am of the age when the were ‘big’.
In year 11 we remade the Sabotage filmclip for videomaking, and when I slid accross a car cochise style in the carpark I dinted the bonnet in.
Honestly havent listened to them for over a decade though. So I’m thinking it was more a teenage crush for me.



some of the best memories i have of perth, and my late teens, were smashing it around in my mate mitch’s car, cranking the beastie boys, drinking loads of coke and hitting up a million and one different skate parks. singing the wrong lyrics and talking shit.

their best of album got played so many times it was ridiculous.

we had one constant argument, which in hindsight seems hilarious.

y’know the bit where the line goes “is your name michael diamond? nah, mine’s clarence”, is that the lyrics? my mate always thought it was “…nah, mine’s flowers”

no idea why he thought it would be flowers, but maybe it is, P!N20?

edit - i’m gonna listen to them now.



They just sound like a bunch of white boys yelling



When I was in year 8, I asked mum to go to the shops and buy a cassette of Ill Communication. She came back and suggested we go for a drive and listen to it together (she just installed a new stereo in her Datsun 180B wagon). I put it in as we drove off… she said she liked it and it made me happy so it stayed in the car for about a month. She always had it ready to go on Saturday mornings as she drove me to play Rugby.

Looking back on it, I am not sure if she was just doing it to stoke me out, but she is awesome.

My Fav track… Get it Together featuring Q-Tip.



‘Whatcha want?’ off Check ya head still does it for me…

I got some Jap ,some bootleg but mostly in shed now boxed up thanks to ipods/ iphone. Haven’t really rated anything since ‘ill communication’ myself.
Earlyish… Aglio et olio (?) is good for warm ups/intervals/weights.



My name is Ad-Rock and I’m a Scorpio!

+1. My fave.

Phone is ringing’. Oh my god…

Fucking love the B-Boys. Can’t help but dance like an absolute spaz.



Fucken love em.

Root Down EP is always the first record to go on when I move into a new place and set up my stereo.



You were right.



I fuckin love the beastie boys man.
I went and saw them at the river stage in '99 when I was 16. I still can’t believe my parents let me go. The ticket said the show started at 7, so being a noob I got there at 7. The supporting acts were Biftek, The Avalanches, and The Resin Dogs - before any of them had really taken off.
Being 10m from Mix Master Mike while he was doing his thing has to be one of life’s highlights, not to mention the boys themselves. Being of virgin lungs, there were so many joints being passed around and I didn’t really know what was going on so I just kept passing them on. I ended up getting a lung infection for the following two weeks, and I remember coughing up a lump of crunchy brown shit in the shower that was so solid, I had to mash it down the plughole with my foot (yes I’m sure it was phlegm). Still worth it though. There were two girls next to me making out for the whole show, and even at 16 I was kinda creeping on them a bit.
My favourite album is Pauls Boutique, because you can listen to it even after one million times and still hear new things. It just makes me feel like a rad c*** whenever I listen to it, like I know something other folks don’t. Kind of how people who ride steel bikes look at other people I guess.
I think Hello Nasty is pretty under-rated as an album. I still listen to it a lot now.
When I was a bit younger, my favourite was Mike D but now I’m more of an Adrock fan. I used to have several beastie’s t shirts but they are all threadbare now. I cut the van out of the blue van/aloha mr hand shirt and I use it as a drinks coaster now.

My most hated song is Sabotage. I don’t know why, I think it’s over-rated. So many better songs off that album. Sureshot, Get it together, Root Down. Fuck. How can you even talk about the beastie boys without being psyched.
I’m pretty sure I have most of their albums except for Some Old Bullshit. I have Licensed To Ill on vinyl and listen to it every so often. The song I listen to most is Somethings Gotta Give, off the Check Your Head album.
My favourite lyrics all come from Paul’s Boutique.
I got lucky I brought home the kitten, before I got lucky I slipped on the mitten - from Car Thief.

You’re all mixed up, like pasta primavera - I say this to the girl at work all the time and she loves it.

Good solid thread man. I will post in here a lot.



Insert video or it didn’t happen.



That little kid dancing at the end of the filmclip is awesome.
EDIT: just watched the clip on youtube, didn’t see it.
I’m trippin…



man, If I could get a copy of it I would!
It’s lost in the ether somewhere…



YEAH! This has regular periods of high rotation on the P!N20 sound system. I love it when the bass drum kicks in on Time For Livin’. Got it on blue vinyl - gave the black vinyl bootleg to a friend who was none the wiser :smiley:



I remember riding to my g/f’s house and listening to “check your head” for the first time on tape whilst sitting in the sun outside her place waiting for her after school… that album is full of good memories.



I went through a phase of Beastie Boys when I was about 16, listening to alot of punk music, but also hanging out with guys who loved hip hop, Beastie Boys were a great transitional group for me.
They also were a hit at high school parties, where most of the angriest punk and hip hop was frowned upon by those with less teen angst issues. Thankfully, Beastie Boys released quality numbers like Intergalactic which, with its dance beat, really turned those parties attended in paddocks turn into some next level event, for which places like Labertouche have never recovered.
I can appreciate Beastie Boys for what they are, but I don’t believe I’ve put on one of their cds for well over 5 years.
My favourite song would be Benny And The Jets, it makes me laugh.



So good. Have you heard the live version in St Louis? Even better.



I think that was the tour when I saw them in Hobart. I was bummed The Avalanches didn’t come down as I was into El Producto, but seeing the B Boys for the first time was just incredible - still one of the best gigs I’ve been to.



I love the middle section of intergalactic.