Beastie Boys Appreciation Thread

…shed rustlin’ for vinyl CYH ,warming up audiolab amps. My neighbour has been using leaf blower for nearly 1 hr…

Agreed. TISM were batshit crazy good and were up there for me, but the Beasties were on another level.

Yeah, a lot of people don’t rate it, but fuck I love it played really loud - so sample heavy. Remote Control, Unite, 3 MC’s…

I have a soft spot for the Beastie Boys. Saw them on the Hello Nasty tour. I remember seeing Mixmaster Mike t night before in a tiny bar. It was amazing.

I haven’t listened to anything properly since Hello Nasty, but I do enjoy Ill Communication quite a bit. I’d love to be in a Beastie Boys punk / hardcore cover band… But I will never happen.

yessssssss!!! hahahaha. fuck i love shake ya rump. probably the song we blasted the most.

man, just reading rhys’ post got me psyched!! pauls boutique for me too.

remote control currently pumping at my desk. seriously, i doubt i could hear if my phone rang. take that colleagues.

edit - like doooon king, got a frizzy hair do

My man MCA’s got a beard like a billy goat!

So much win man. Q-tip is the bomb, and this song lead me to discover A Tribe Called Quest. I Napster’ed the shit out of this stuff (I guess you could call it) ‘back in the day’.

This is the cover I won for the Inpress BDO issue 2005. I got it signed by MCA and Ad Rock. Won tix to the BDO and a pile of CD’s.


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MMM at the Hackney about a million years ago.
A mate that does supermegacustom installs of car sound uses shake your rump for tests.

No. Must check out!

I gotta say, the first track on the hot sauce album is pretty fucken rad. And the dub-style track on that is another personal fave.

Saw em in 96 at Summersault. Best lineup ever: B-Boys, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Foo Fighters, Beck, Tammy and the Amps, Rancid. Holy shit, I’ve got goosebumps. Also saw Money Mark in a tiny venue in brisbane on that tour. Fucken rad.

So jealous. Was that the one where they played through NYE? I think I’ve got a bootleg of it somewhere…

I was at the Gold Coast show. My wife was at the Sydney show, said it was incredible.

first and only time i ever saw them was at the BDO in about 05. i freaked out on ecstasy and had to go home. hahaha

Yeah, I wasn’t allowed to go to Summersault… My wife (who’s a year older than me) did. Also, Jawbreaker were on that tour!

Nobody can say the Beastie Boys havent reinvented themselves a few times, with great success. Paul’s is a gem.

There are some really good songs on Hot Sauce. Mad jelly of your festival experience.
Listening to the beastie boys has always made me wish I was older with a musical conscience a few years earlier, for purposes of Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys etc. I guess it’s maybe why I always had friends who were 5-10 years older than me.

I had coffee with 2 of the guys. Of course I didn’t know until the next day when a mate of mine pointed out who they were. Was into’d by a mate of mine who was their tour manager and like always (and also because it was a.m.) the penny never dropped.

In their honour I’m gonna alternate the stereo at vol. 11 between Sabotage and Girls for the next hour to piss my neighbours off.

I friend of mine/girl I worked with/hung out and got inspired by Juliana Nash | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos used to know them when they were still at school and dropkick wanna be party boys when they first came onto the scne. She say they were the least likely kids ever, but she’s proud of what they’ve done/become.

Haven’t seen Juliana for years but she intro’d me to more people than anyone when I lived in Nyc.


“Awesome!..I shot that.”

Love this concert video, got it when I was 14 I think.

Fav song would have to be Brass Monkey or Intergalactic, they get dropped at kiddy clubs and no one knows the lyrics!

i think i have a photo of this.

i didn’t see them that day for some reason but i saw them at belvoir (perth) for some festival or other, good vibes maybe? they were good.