not a meet.

ran into courier agfront today, who was in cecil walker trying to buy a bell. apparently the cops had been ticketing couriers for not having one. a whole bunch of people had already been booked.

(word on the street was the police cops were pissed cause some courier outran them…)

a short discussion ensued with the staff there about the legalities of bikes without bells.

doesn’t matter eitherway. if the bastards want to book you, they’ll find a reason. be warned, though, that they’re looking to see if you have a bell atm.


Bike cops are fat and slow, bike couriers are fast and not fat…

Yes Brezza is right, since Friday they are on a bit of a mission to book us, they were even riding in the rain for it… Not sure if it has extended to just anyone on a bike or anyone with mad fixed gear skills and damn sexy bikes (at least 10^47 times more secksy than police Kona’s), or if they’re just hatin on couriers… After certain members of the bicycle police force informed certain couriers during some general discussion that they could easily catch or outrun any courier in a race", and that they love a good chase" (yes, they actually said all that), perhaps they’re just bitter…

Loving Life.


two words:
revenue raising.

Reasonable suspicion.

Totally, though then they would just target everyone.

Saw 'em out on Canning St, just past Elgin about 8.40am a few weeks back- looked like they were booking for whatever they could get!

kind of warrants the question… If you knew they were chasing you just to fine you for not having a bell; would you have a go at outrunning them?

i figure just get an air horn. that ought to do the trick, cos clearly everyone loves pissing the cops off, and im sure theyde see that as taking the piss.

Base an alley cat around it. Call it No Bells. Always good to put something else into the mix.

I cant wait to race a cop,

i cant imagine they would be very agile or fast on those Konas, and even if they were fast, you could lose them in traffic pretty easy.

They are slow, but many, and have radios. They will also do anything to cut you off and make you crash.

not to mention checking CCTV cameras from buildings etc etc

An old flatmate became a cop and I eventually bumped into him on the beat at Flinders St on one of the platforms. I had a polite dig about his partner’s girth, and his ability to catch someone if they ran away. “I haven’t met anyone who can run faster than three hundred feet per second.” was the answer. Cops are awesome :roll: (He eventually got sacked on a drug related matter, haw haw.) Admittedly this was still under Comrie, ‘bad old days’, but it still seems like the only good cop … is the one who retired to run a cafe in Geelong :wink:

if the bastards want to book you, they’ll find a reason. be warned, though, that they’re looking to see if you have a bell atm.

If you attract their attention, they will whip out an obscure bike law, and double-whammy their way to their quota / rubber stamp / gold star from the seargeant for the week.
Have I missed anything?
[x]at least one effective brake
[x]front white reflector *
[x]rear red reflector *
[x]front white light visible to 250m
[x]rear red light visible to 250m
[x]at least one hand on the bars while riding

  • even during the daytime buddy
    plus all the other road rules stuff
    [x]stopping for trams taking on or setting down passengers
    [x]red lights
    [x]stop signs

Are there any rules regarding the size of the reflectors? Can we use tape? Probably not.

They’re not.

Even I have outrun a pair (yes, they WERE chasing).


you fought the law and you won! A victory for the little man!!

did you break a sweat?
did they?

have been chased by a divvy van and by bike cops on seperate occasions, i managed to get away but if caught I’m sure they would take a bit of offense to the chase and chuck the book at you.

In saying that I’m sure if you were riding a brakeless fixed wheel and they booked you for no bell it would probably be shortly followed by ‘oh you have no brakes either’

I break a sweat getting off the couch :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope so :sunglasses:

Anyone who evades the police is only making a small personal victory, and a great loss for the masses. pretty selfish.

In a city so small like melbourne, it IS easy to get away, BUT if you are a courier, chances are it’s very EASY for them to bump into you again.

this is a case in point.

If THAT courier (MUPPET) had done the right thing, pip would have avoided a ridiculous fine, as would have a few others in the past few days.

The police know the person involved so why not save us all the headache, own up and be responsible for your own actions.

As a collective of couriers / commuters / cyclists, we shouldn’t have to watch our shoulders for the police. It’s hard enough dodging pedestrians all day long.

This happens every 6 months and it’s boring.

I’d personally hand over his head than receive a fine for an otherwise overlooked matter.

If you think you are fast, race.

Otherwise you are just kidding yourself. Outrunning plods on touring bikes.

so hardcore.

and you’ve NEVER given in to the red mist?

My point was precisely that is not hard to do, if even I can do it (at probably twice the age and bodyweight of your average bicycle cop).

Have I made a habit of it? No.

Would I endorse it as a pastime for young people? Probably not.

But I will admit it was jolly good fun at the time.