there’s going to be some discussion of road rules with respect to cyclists on RRR (102.7) shortly.
oo fixed gear discussion :roll: … they’re taking calls, gogogo

TC that mentality is exactly what they desire, you’ve been caught hook line and sinker. The last time I was pulled over (for just rolling down the tram tracks) I stopped and had a discussion with them, they informed me that they were faster than all of us (couriers that is). I laughed (as you do), and told them we should have a race at the track to sort this out for sure. After some tounge and cheek discussion from both of us he laughed back and told me that to every courier he pulls over from now on, he was going to say he did it because Corey said he wanted to race us", and that all the couriers are going to turn against you now". That is such a pea-brained individualist mentality, punish others for something someone else did in order to have them turn against that person. Havn’t you read Orwell’s 1984 my friend? In a police state of totalitarianism, the most effective policing is done by the individual that is suspicious and dis-loyal of every one of his peers, and that includes family. That gets a 0/10 for mateship in my book.

THAT courier (who I would sooner call you a MUPPET than him and happens to be one of the kindest and most selfless dudes in the city) did in fact turn himself in and the whole issue has been resolved.

Shall I hand over your head, as the self proclaimed proprietor of Melburn’s fixed gear revolution, and thus effectively seeding what is now the 5-0’s suspicion of brakeless track bikes, for without whom I would not, in my infinite uncoolness, be riding a brakeless track bike and thus would never have received a $57 dollar fine for not having a brake? …

NO is the answer that question.

I feel disgusted that the tactics a primary school teacher would use to weed out the person who stole the set of highlighters from the draw seems to be just as effective in a group of pro-choice adults.

Seem familiar? …

Thanks Team America.

Please don’t lower yourself the to their level and play their games. We’re all good dudes, and mates.

Peace and a Hug.


some interesting points from RRR discussion

[li]yes, you need a bell[/li][li]drink driving laws don’t apply to cyclists (though apparently some old archaic law banning intoxicated use of horse carriages and tractors can be interpreted to include bicycles, with a two month prison term penalty!)[/li][li]yes, you need a functioning brake. i don’t really understand why a fixed driveline cannot be considered a braking system however.[/li][li]you do not need to indicate to turn left[/li][li]you do need to indicate to turn right[/li][/ul]

also, something said about being eligible for TAC compensation if you hit a parked car on the way to/from work…

i wouldn’t care to test the drink driving one, every police officer believes with all his heart it’s illegal.

Don’t want to flog a dead horse, BUT

The simple answer is that not everybody who has a brakeless fixie is capable of ‘effective braking’. Sure, you might be able to individually demonstrate that you are able to skid stop effectively, but you cannot translate that into a general statement that a fixed gear drivetrain equates to effective stopping.

Apparently that was proved during the quick stop in the China town thingo… :slight_smile:

Fuck yeah.

Can’t do this can’t do that. Fsking over it.

we should have brought these fast policemen along to the roller derby, that would have been a sight for sore eyes

I love 1984 but…

If THAT courier is such a shining example of couriering he wouldn’t have done a runner ON THE DAY, and shunned work for the following two to avoid the issue.

If this feels like I’m attacking him personally I’m not. If he’s your friend, tell him to pull his head in. I didn’t even know who it was until today. Anyone who has been around long enough would know better. A real mate wouldn’t jeopardise the work environment of his colleagues.

Maybe I’m getting old and on the otherside of the tracks so to speak. XXX buzzed Jeff Kennett back in the day and was in the bad books too as it resulted in couriers having to wear numbers on their backs. Sxxxxy did a runner on queensbridge, then left town for a year and it was a month a watching your back for the bike police copping fines for lights/reflectors etc.

Bloody great.

The retarded thing is every city I’ve worked in is the same. New York, San Fran, London, Vancouver, Berlin. A cyclist (courier) does a mischief, cycling pays for it for a month.

I’d like to think that even in a job (and a highly over glamourised one at that) with all the freedom it allows us, we still abide to common decency and respect for others - including stopping when halted by the police…

Building a relationship with the police so THEY have our back is more important to me and cycling than a rogue courier.

The cops are downright friendly here compared to New York.

Riding brakeless wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t a concern to public safety.

The police are reactionary. Someone complains, they act.

I blame youtube.



Reader’s Digest presents; this thread…

Ive been done twice in the last month for running reds. Purely my fault and i don’t deny that (even if they have been across a 1 way st and around a left hand turn). It crossed my mind after the first time to run if it ever happened again, and the second time it happened i didn’t run. Im far from fast, but feel like if i had wanted to i could have run. To be honest tho, i would have thought twice about what would happen if i didn’t make it after trying to run, and im really too much of a pussy to run from the police…

At the end of the day, the police have a job to do. If you break the law you are responsible for the consequences. I copped $460 for being stupid and now think twice at every light (in the cbd anyway) which will probably save my life somewhere down the line (not that i risk my life at lights as it is, but you never know) At the end of the day (again) laws are in place to protect you regardless of how stupid they may seem. Point in case.

(although it seems very childish to sting cyclist for such minor offenses such as no bell etc)

my 2 cents…

But, but, you need a bell to warn people that you might hit them!

I’ve seen people who can run red lights at full pace and navigate packed intersections with ease. For them, the ‘red light rule’ does not apply in the sense that their safety is not compromised. Some other people should travel with a police escort every time they leave the house.

People need to decide what rules apply to them and their situation, and act accordingly. Blindly following all rules* will get you nowhere, as the majority of them are there to protect the stupid. Part of running a red light involves assessing the police situation and if you see some, you’d be taking the chance of a fine if you still broke their rules.**

*road mainly, also some others
**i dont condone anything

I’ve seen people who can run red lights at full pace and navigate packed intersections with ease. For them, the ‘red light rule’ does not apply in the sense that their safety is not compromised.


i too have seen that, but in my humble opinion i think that they are compromised more so then anyone else.

They are a ticking time bomb. Its not a matter if they will hit/be hit by a car, But When

Borderline personal decision. Maybe it affects the person who hits them, boo hoo. Or maybe do it for 20 years and end up like Ron (still alive).

TC, how many traffic lights do you think you’ve run over the years? (off the record, of course)

i’m colourblind, and can’t count. 5 at a guess? One I was fined for.

I stopped for a red in monstertrack and it cost me the race ($1000), but I didnt have to spend a night in lock up and get a red mark in my passport. fair trade.

hope I didn’t scare you last night…