Bennett Bicycles

So i’ve got hold of a ‘Bennett Sebring’ 12 speed frame, for a conversion.

Any background on these?

It says ‘Made in Japan’. Thats about it.

I’ll have a better look and will post pic tommorrow after i’ve stripped it down - it was abandoned in Pyrmont Fish Markets, Sydney…drive train f*cked from the sea rust, but the frame is sweet and the rims / bars / stem look ok too, the bars are branded ‘WIN Japan’…ideas on this?

Thought i’d put it out there.

sounds like you’ve got some winpista bars, a japanese brand

Hey there!

I just recently converted a 10sp Bennetts Sebring. Check out Sheldon brown page on Lambert and Viscount bicycles. The Sebring model was based on the Viscount branded bike of the same name. I think Bennetts brought out Viscount but retained their model names.

Read about the “death fork” and the mass recall of the early 80s Viscount. Mine had the ungrade replacement fork- phew! My Bennetts is a big arse heavy clunker but she goes and holds up well.

Goodluck with the conversion and please post some pics.