Best Thing You've Bought on FoA

Been a while since a good Happy Friday thread.

Best thing you bought on FoA or from someone on here.

Mine would be a $5 D-lock I bought off Andy/Fameandspear 4 years ago that I use almost every day.

2x 2nd hand Kumos

the infamous gold hillman (not actually a hillman, origin unknown). Absolute baller bike, and glittered so nicely at the high water mark of NOBR AKES culture 2009-11 (RIP).

The real “best thing” is the friendships we made along the way.


Ostrich bag was the last one plus a Tommasini pista of Spirito

my Delica.

Roadrunner rack bag from Rhino that I use almost everyday

you spelt cotic wrong mate :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, that’s the 2nd best thing!

Still pretty much the best confluence of events resulting in a car purchase.

Mine would have to be (there has been a few) a front wheel of heavymetal because that led to me swapping said front wheel to droz for a 4 pack of crankshaft bent spoke beer which got me smashed as one beer these days gets me tippsy.

Surely whoever bought Rollys green deep v’s has to still be smiling

^ There it is

he dont look to happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably my Voodoo frame I bought off larfinboy in 2013.

It’s been a MTB, tourer, kid hauler, grocery shopper, now bearded commuter. I ride it pretty much every day.

This is what it looked like when I first built it up:

Still got the same bars, shifters, front derailleur - everything else has changed.

I also like these pink Deep V rims I recently bought off dafrog (not to mention hubs and spokes and BB also off dafrog, and then the frame off a_davis, bars off droz, cranks off ryan, and the cog, lockring and grips off cam, oh and mikeD’s tension meter helped out too):

the swag i got from Rhino for $50 that i’ve taken on many adventures in the hilux, the poor neglected SONIC BOOOOOOM i got from trigger, the 2 sets of phils laced to a set of mavic rims and velocity rims, 2 pairs of cheap sidis, the velo orange rack for $50 that erle bought but then politely handballed my way thanks to blakey, the bianchi tourer i bought that meant i got to meet mike d, the list goes on…

but, yeah, as jono said, the best bit about buyin stuff on here is putting faces to names & getting to know ppl etc.

Wait, larfinboy sold a frame?

Glad to be of service!

Trusty set of 105 shifters + sram force crankset with BB and a bunch of rings from Harry Lemntymz. This enabled my first attempt at a 1x10 setup which worked super well.