Best wheel builder in brisbane

Looking to get a set of wheels laced up where in brisbane has good rep, good price?

you just don’t give up do you kid

To be fair, this is a BNE specific question, and there are other threads in meets->[location] that aren’t a meet but a local query.

It can stay.

Marty and then me

I did a search … nothing came up that was waht I was after
Next logical section was Brisbane AS I am looking for a Wheel Builder in BRISBANE

Would this go in the Pub section normaly or the Help section or the <nominate section>

If you were looking for wheelbuilder/ing advice, the help forum would be the right spot. There may be people not in BNE who don’t check this forum who know of good QLD builders also.

Generally, if it’s a help query → Help forum.

Here are past wheelbuilding threads, mostly in Help.

Thank Blakey …

Gearshop Brisbane are the only peeps I recommend for anything fixed.
Marty (bender) builds their wheels And gypsy is over in the USA doing the dt Swiss wheel building course so when he’s back he will be building aswell.

Why? Because they are the only guys that give back to the community.
Check their website and while your at it check

what do you want built?
have you got all the bits? rim/hub/spoke etc?

Fair bit of poetic license used there Dayne. :slight_smile:

Not even on bit …
This is part of my research process … figure out who will build the wheel communicate with them and then get everything after research.

Rims - so far have looked at velocity or carbon china
hubs - not sure what track hubs are good and cheap
spokes - DT-Swiss I have them on DH bike and have only broken 1
nipples - brass (look crap but stay tight)

depending on price of wheel build might get one aero spoke (depending if i can get one cheap)

Velocity have all that.

Either PM user Goose (for specifications) or go straight to Erik @ gear and he can sort it all out.

Cost of the wheel set is a big issue … cheap china rims make it a load cheaper (correct me if I am wrong)

It’s true that the rims are cheaper in China.

If you want to get all the bits yourself go for it.

Velocity would be happy to build you a set of wheels if you supply the parts. They will also supply any parts you can’t be arsed finding, like the right length spokes.

can i say… go buy a wheel or set. im currently halfway through sourcing parts for my wheel build, and its a pain in the dick. really starting to think i should have just gone and store bought. + by the time you buy all the shit you want, its not gunna be that cheep, spokes alone are over 100 for dt’s at anywhere ive asked.

cheap parts are not good,
good parts are not cheap.

This guy^ builds a mean wheel.

And yes, i will be DT SWISS certified when i get home. Smashed out a mean set of wheels today at school.

Also Red if your having issues just get it to Gear and Erik can send it to Goose to sort out. He’s got a record of rim ERD’s and can calculate spokes quickly and can get them built same day.

Yeah I forgot to mention goose.
But by the sounds of your budget I’d go some of the shelf a23’s or deep v’s from velocity via gear.
Dodge Chinese carbon for a every day fixed ride it ain’t worth it.

You are correct … !!! same for DH parts

^^ rims ordered, Erik has some hubs coming in for me, just trying to skimp on the costs of dt comps, $115 for 64 from shop up road, + more for black + more for black nipples.

found some on evilbay for 5bucks/10pack, but i think i left it too late and it looks like the length i need is sold out.

but yeah looks like i might just end up having to fork out bit extra and grabbing them over here.