bib knicks

I’m sure this has been asked before but I can’t find it.

Time to start shopping for new knicks, previously I’ve worn Sugoi RS in a medium. I’ve been happy with them. Time to branch out to other brands…

Recommendations appreciated, if people can suggest if the sizing compared to Sugoi that would also be rad.

Rapha pro team? Do that sky survey and get 20% off?

Hello shakes,
I have used Sugoi in the past and found their sizing consistent with most other brands excepting Castelli. For everything castelli you should always upsize.

As far as bibs go recommendations would depend on your price range and intended use.

Try here:

and here:

With this you can get a pro team kit for about $300, which is a bloody good deal considering whats out there. 20% off bundled price plus further 20% from sky survey code, cant go wrong.

also been very happy with pearl izumi, and have recently been riding in FYXO bibs made by pedla, also very comfy.

I recently got my first Rapha pro team kit and the quality really is outstanding and your probably going to pay $300 for any of the other guys so… do it do it.

Got a link for the rapha survey??

It should just be a generic code SVY-HN8S-1CS8-GCYH

Also I recommend Assos bibs, you can pick them up for about $120 on sale from wiggle or T7 and worth it very much at that price.

Sweet. How does the Sizing go? Made for skinny itialian men and I’ll need a xxxl or is it on par with pearl izumi and Sugoi?

I just bought the dhb ASV set and they’re real nice, under $50 for the bibs 2 weeks ago and I think there’s a promo code you can use on wiggle for 10% of all dhb stuff. I’ve only ever worn pretty unknown brands and never tried any expensive stuff like Rapha and they’re all more than good enough.

After wearing cheaper stuff for years, and then getting some nicer kit. I can’t go back. The difference to comfort a couple hours in is huge.


I have the rapha classic bibs, they offer a free return after a month if your not happy (least they did) hard to pass up if 20% back.

Was interested in Assos but weird sizing (based on height?) put me off.

Everyone’s arse is different: some are like delicate flowers that rupture into blisters if caressed by anything less than Rapha. Others are like old corrugated iron and could handle a barbed-wire saddle.
Point being: buy something, try it out, if it’s no good then try something else next time. I’ve ruled out a couple of makes that just don’t agree with me, and have found great success with the top-line DHB bibs. These are very comfy and give me no problems at all, even on 160+km rides, even in the rain, without chamois cream. I struggle to see how any other bibs would be better for my arse.
So keep trying different bibs until you find something good. Take recommendations, but don’t be surprised if one person’s miracle bibs bring you a world of bum-induced suffering.

There is a few options with assos sizing and knicks. They have the uno which is more of a race cut (similar to euro/castelli) and mille which is a more relaxed cut. I own both types and found the size guide on wiggle to be pretty spot on (it goes off height). The uno sits a little higher up the leg and tighter but not uncomfortable. fwiw I’m 6’4 with big legs and wear the xlg (xxl). The tlr size is huge!

And there’s more than the chamois-arse interface, too.
I prefer lower cut at the front and sides for extra cooling and sturdier leg cuff.

Good point…. shakes you may want to note that Rapha Pro Team knicks come in a regular and long cut in the cuff. Would be worth considering if you a shy guy or a red dog that burns easily.

Curious as to were this survey lives?

I like short shorts, my legs are easily my best feature.

edit* - actually just use this code SVY-HN8S-1CS8-GCYH


Survey closed and that code doesnt work.

I rate assos bibs more than Rapha tbh. Chamois is amaaaaaaaaaazing.

Good chamois cream makes heaps of difference too. Assos cream from CRC is cheap, but rapha cream smells great (if you’re into smelling well used bibs)

Unsure about sizing but I have some top of the line Endura shorts that are quite amazing. I forget what they’re called but they’re the same thing Netapp Endura guys are riding apparently. More recently I was given some team stuff, sportful shorts of some sort (I think bodyfit pro classic). Have been riding in them heaps and they’re also very comfortable. They do fit pretty small though(maybe go up a size bigger than usual).