Bicycle Polo

Been interested in the concept of bike polo (fixed or not doesn’t matter at this stage) and if there is enough interest, maybe organising an event. The idea of half munted/cut people with bikes and sticks is a recipe for carnage and fun.

  • Event probably to be held until Summer 07/08
  • Going to need a big smooth surface which is central (Netball/Basketball Courts, minus the poles, OUCH!)
  • CraigC approved polo mallets
  • Your ideas are most welcome

So vote, but you only get one vote though, so quit being a smartarse.

Note: shit-hangers and smart-arses, 2 words…FUCK YOU

Thanks Craig - the Indian theme of bicycle polo:

for a short while took my mind off the friggin busker with the sitar banging away outside my office. Ravi Shankar he ain’t.

See also

for the equipment-philes

Awesome site, thanks Captain.

Fuck’n HOT, get down bruth’a

Im in…


Taken from

Great there’s going to be skinsuits involved and popping monos

“half munted/cut people with bikes and sticks” and keg’s of beer for goal posts…!

I’m in, great Idea Craig…

p.s. when is the next bike/beer appreciation night going to be…? It’s been a long time since the last one (I think I even know where the Mountain Goat Brewery Bar is now…! :slight_smile:

In other news, Captain France on the left has borrowed Hans Rey’s fork it seems?


I have spoken to Bill Matheson from and he is prepared to send equipment out to OZ. If you want to get your own ball go for it, but I will supply the balls (insert funny comment here) on the day.

I regards to mallets, there are 2 ways you can go: 1, order one from Bills website, 2, make your own (brooms aren’t allowed, this ain’t fucking ‘curling’). Get a long piece of dowl and glue it to a piece of 4x2, but remember the ball is heavy and you don’t want ya mallet breaking.

Any suggestions for a venue welcome. Large concrete/ashphalt open spaces are good. Preferably central for everyone.

Any kind of bike welcome

Not very ‘central’ but there’s that HUGE netball space at the corner of Murrumbeena Rd and North Rd (Duncan Mackinnon reserve?). The surface is VERY nice, and just a short hop from the Carnegie club track at packer park. Just a thought.

How about the pitlane at Albert Park?

Big car park near the main grandstand at Albert Park?

Anyone ever seen the uni-cycle meet at the Museum? They play uni-hockey there, which looks insane, and the ground is perfect… but they might not take so kindly to the cut and munting among us.

Agreed Pete, to many days between pints

Good spot Captain but the Northern Fairies might get upset leaving their comfort zone

Noted, I will look into that.

Thanks Christof.

Museum people might get upset with the beer kegs as goals?

Bicycle polo article on page 38 of pdf. file

Screw this, 13 yes’s and 0 no’s, I wanna change my vote just so I can be on the outer, and also so I can say “fuck you CraigC”.

Hey there is a sweet location at the abbotsford Convent. It is a large concrete ground almost fully enclosed.

I also saw another one in Fitzroy on our way to Ceres. It is on rubber grass so when we case ourselves (which is guananteed to happen) it wont hurt as much. There is also small goals positioned at either end and it is fully enclosed, however is it probably a little small.

the hockey fields at hawthorne velodrome might be an option - plus, there are two BBQs right next to them.

They would be the perfect grounds if we can get them. Great large size, fully enclosed, on soft artificial turf and they have goals