Bike Bandit bikes

Do you guys think its a good buy for the price?

here is the link to their site:

thanks guys,

no real specs its all just simple descriptions with no real detail, cheap parts when it does name a part for what it is, no real details, pluss 200 extra for what you know could be a spray can paint job. i wouldn’t do it but thats just me, save your dollars and biud somting up your self or buy something like this
or a masi or surly or charge, at least they tell you about what your getting

I’ve seen some decent prices ($599) on the giant bowery, and some good deals on Masi (around the $1000) agreed with gink04, at least you know what you’re getting.

use the search function:

agree with gink…probs a good option if ur just getting into the whole fixie thing bcz ur getting away with a new bike without having to drop a lot of bank…b4 to long ul want to build ur own custom bike with better components etc. for $599 or $899 u know the components r going to b average…

I can’t vouch for the bikes myself, but I have heard some bad things about them. re: components and the like. That said, I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, just going by what I have heard.

I’d go for the Cell Bikes over this – $449 for a Mallet or $699 for a Cileto. The Cileto is quite a nice frame and has Sugino cranks. Wheelset is not the best, but that is the easiest part to replace anyway. I’d say it is unbeatable at that price. And, finally, there is enough commentary on them to know what you’re getting.

Build one yourself!

i wanted to build one myself but i’ve no idea where can i find a cheap second hand frame.
any suggestion on where’s a good place to find parts.

thanks for the replies guys!

There’s heaps of good threads with heaps of good info on what you need etc. or google sheldon brown etc…

Search function, young one.

where can i find a fairly cheap frame in melbourne?

Gear in brisvegas has the scrambler frames cheap w/ delivery.

hey luke, i cant find any cheap frame on Gear website. they r all $500+

Peoples definitions of ‘cheap’ can vary…

ohh i see…
how about a place where i can find a cheap cheap frame in melbourne guys?


What is your budget?

Man, that Ringleader frame is hot hot hot! If I were looking for a new frame that would definitely be it.

really? that?

No, I’d buy a turnip and try and put wheels on it. Yes that. Nice fastback stays, interesting(but not ugly) fork crown, and a reasonable price.

decent tubing too… if i were looking for an new fixie i’d consider it.

but come on. if you were looking for a new frame it would probably be either a) titanium or b) classic italian…