Bike of the Future

Saw this today on hkfixed.


a) I had a dream that I put a seat like that on my bike last night.

b) It looks kinda cool, but it’s just a unicycle with some extra stuff. And doesn’t look like you can get a full leg extension pedalling.

if it had been front wheel drive, i would have said fuck yeah, but because of the rearset pedals, all your body mass is on the family jewels. hence the suspension fork i imagine. you can see how, in trying to make it simple, they’ve ended up with something quite complicated for less practicality and more cost.

WOW i actually like it.

would be horrible to ride but i like it anyways

I always thought the bike of the future would fly or at least hover.

You’re getting confused with the hover board :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a pile of crap. And who wants to pedal at 1:1 anyway? But gets points for trying something different.

it’s got an internal 3 speed hub. theoretically!!

Looks twitchy to ride. What’s the advantage of it? Does it fold or something? Does every industrial design student need to redesign a chair and a pushbike to graduate these days?

That bikes disgusting! Wouldn’t go near one let alone ride it.

If your balls weren’t hurting, your legs would be hurting from the different muscles being used since the cranks are behind you.

Are they cottered cranks??

stupid fucken design students…

calm down mate, if it werent for designers you wouldnt have anything in your life

Hook, line and sinker.

Stupid design students.

to me, it looks like a unicycle with a steering wheel


im guessing your one of those people who just rolls over when someone has a go at you…each to there own

No, I just wanted to see if you’d fall for it twice.

double lollercaust