Bike Snob NYC vs. Fyxomatosis

Who will reign supreme?

haha I was going to post something like this!
Pretty funny reading the BSNYC comments- lots of Fyxo dissing and the like. More like Aus vs USA though.

Great publicity for the chainrings though eh? :evil:

Go Andy!

…beware fyxomatosis…those low quality auzzie chainrings can be turned against you as deadly ninja throwing stars by the bsnyc/rtms “elite palace guard”…

Low quality, did this guy take a look at the chainring (Shit what more would you want if you were making one yourself).

It’s all in good jest though and will make for good reading.

some funny shit. theres gonna be some killer pisstaking happening in the comments…

it would be nice if bikesnob actually had something about bikes for a change, such a waste of time… :roll:

Did you take a look at the photo in question?

Yes, I’m very much Australian made fan,

But my bank account seems to have been dwindled lately with campy parts, does that make me a potato.

All I’m saying is i thought he made a very valid point about the excess of milling marks on the teeth of the ring.

Sorry, what are we talking about? :roll:

Someshit like…

BSNYC: blah blah fyxo. low quality chainring blah
SNAIL: blah blah did he take at look at the chainring blah blah what more could you want
SPUD: blah blah maybe he wants less milling marks blah blah

or someother shit, dunno.

I wonder how Campag/Shimano chainrings are manufactured?

In the past they must have been punched out of sheet, but these days, you’d expect them to be CNC machined. I know for a fact that the Sugino Zen chainrings are CNC machined.

It’s true that the Fyxo chainrings don’t have the filleting on the teeth that the Campagnolo chainrings have. But whether that affects performance, is hard to tell.

What Wormz said.

Campy ones are still drawn and stamped. Shimano ones probably too; I would imagine its lots cheaper than CNC for >1000 bits.

Shit what more would you want if you were making one yourself

Also, I’d want a chainring with less milling marks. Is what more I would want. Actually.

Point taken, as i said it makes for some good discussion and reading,
the more Knowledge people can Stowe upon a simpleton like me the better.

Just to bestow a little more knowledge…

You don’t draw chainrings, that operation is for making wire (pull it through a die) or beer cans (deep/reverse drawing)

Extrusion is the reverse, where you push it through a die, think toothpaste out of a tube or bicycle rims)

Mass produced Al rings would likely be made as follows:
Produce raw Al, add elements to make desired alloy, roll billet to sheet stock, punch blank out of sheet, artificially age for strength (or after all machining)

Then the finishing would be either (1) machine teeth/ramp profiles and chain ring bolt recesses etc or (2) forge profiles and minimal finishing machining, then fit pins for road, deburr/polish/anodise/silkscreen/engrave etc.

For boutique/unusual sizes/small runs, CNC is more economical.

Regarding CU’s tooth profile/milling marks, as long as they have the correct seating & topping curve that will allow the rollers to engage properly, then the rest is all cosmetics. There’s no real need for making the teeth more pyramidal by removing material from the sides, if your chainline’s straight it’s not going to have any problems engaging.

3rd pic from the bottom, i noticed the milling marks as well. it appears that they’ve been smoothed off in all the other pictures, so i assume they don’t come like that, and it is a mid process one.

You’re a font of knowledge Blakey

Maybe they draw the sheet they make it from? Someone told me this long ago, but i have no idea who it was… maybe Abbotsford.

I’m learning more things by the minute.

Maybe they draw the sheet they make it from? Someone told me this long ago, but i have no idea who it was… maybe Abbotsford.

The sheet would be rolled in stages from a billet, getting thinner and wider/longer each time, like pizza dough.

Light alloy = Aluminium alloy. Probably 6000 series.

Sheared-drawn = Marketing. Sheared = punched out of sheet, like a cookie cutter or a hole punch.

It’s all terminology. (FWIW they’re not cogs either, they’re sprockets, as they use chains and don’t directly mesh with each other)

Bleh just goes to show just cos i have a qualification doesn’t mean i know anything :smiley: