Bike24 order?

Hey all,

I’m gonna order some mud guards off Bike24, does anyone want something like those rad schwalbe kojak tyres?

We could split shipping, 10 euro each…

Let me know eh.

Possibly interested. One of my Kojaks just ruptured and I would like another pair as they’re sweet tyre…

Give me tomorrow morning to check it out and I’ll PM you.

Looks like they’ve only got 26er Kojaks so I’ll look elsewhere. Cheers!

Look harder -;navigation=1;menu=1000,2,103,105;product=9998

Tell you what, those 2" 559 kojaks on the tandemania are siiiiiiiick

haha boom diddy

I might be tempted to get some Euro-centric cycling item from Bike24. I love their weird inventory.


quoting from my other thread:

Battery lights that don’t suck:

Trelock LS 950 ion:

Bike24 - Trelock LS 950 ION Front Light - black

SEVENTY lux, proper StVZO shaped beam, smart mode will dim the beam as battery runs down, USB rechargeable.

from a lighting pedant:

just got one, is awesome
it’s extremely light and compact on the bars, not brick-like in the least, very easy to aim properly
the charging / control stuff on it is perfect, knowing how long you have left really kills the range anxiety
the beam shape is pretty unusual, the core shaped driving beam is pretty tight (narrower than classic Cyo), but there’s also a dim flood beam surrounding it that’s brighter at the edges
people were complaining about the strap mount slipping, but they probably were mounting it wrong, it’s supposed to face backwards to balance the light over the bars (the mounting shoe is symmetrical)
this fixed mount is compatible too, it comes set for 22.2/23.8, but you can break out a shim and have it be 25.4/26.0: XXcycle - Support éclairage AV Trelock ZL 500 - en

B&M Ixon Core:

Bike24 - Busch + Müller IXON Core LED Front Light
50 lux, StVZO shaped beam, USB rechargeable. Cheep!

Philips Saferide 80:

Bike24 - Philips SafeRide LED Bike Light battery-driven 80 Lux - black

Or if you want to club people en route and be able to “recharge” at a 7-eleven, get this. 80 lux,StVZO shaped, USB rechargeable, hi/lo mode (~2/8hrs), takes 4xAA. I have it, it’s excellent, but the ball mount is terrible, get the other mount.

Blakey- sorry if I’m flogging a dead horse here, but what is the latest and greatest dynamo StVZO compliant light?

B&M IQ Cyo Premium is about the best damn lux for your bux. It is sensational. Half the price of the Luxos B/U, marginally less bright (80 vs 90), no USB output, same size and price as the old Cyo.


I swear that wasn’t there this morning. Or maybe I just hadn’t had a coffee yet… Thanks, didz!

MikeD, if you do an order I’ll grab 2 of the 28 x 1.35 Kojaks and also a Park CWP-7

Edit: And totally happy to chip in for postage etc, obviously.

Cool, shipping will just be split by how many people are in for stuff.

Order ordered, all done.

I’ll be ordering s whole bunch of spokes soon, and maybe some other odds and ends. Melb folks; let me know if you want anything to split the shipping.


I’ll take 3 of these:
Bike24 - Trelock ZL 500 Pole Bracket for Lights


Probably going to put in another order. Probably on Thursday.

Can you wait until I diagnose Rolly and his light issues on Thursday?

read my mind!

naturally they were working fine last night however…

Hmm, I have been considering dynamoing my Kumo roadie. Anyone know correct spoke length for SON 28 to 32 Hole Archetype?

This has all you need to know: Edd, an easy to use spoke calculator Just need to confirm which spec of hub and which model (new or old) of archetype you have. Disclaimer: edd has never steered me wrong but is worth double checking.