Bike24 order?

Bike24 now stocking SP dyno hubs too.

And yes, happy to wait. Just let me know ASAP.

Thanks Heavy, edd is telling me left 288.3 mm and right 287.7 mm (switched to SON Delux). My understanding is rounding up is recommended but would all 288mm be acceptable?

Are you building the wheel yourself? If you’re not, I’d suggest you let the shop supply the spokes and then you know you can’t get it wrong.

round up for max thread engagement

I’d pick 288 for both for that. My wheels have never failed or gone out of true, but I’ve only built a few.


Got all your messages.

Not working out tonight. Will put it in tomorrow.

ahhhh shiiieettttt sorry pete, was meant to let you know about the light sitch but got distracted the 5 or so times i went to post/text about it.

i’m all good for the moment, lights were working fine when i got to blakeys and couldn’t replicate the issue no matter how hard we tried.

fingers crossed they stay that way!! thanks for waiting til we’d had a chance to check xo

I’m doing one in a few days if anyone is keen. Split the €20 postage evenly amongst parties.

Where are you based, I’m looking at a couple of rims- Syd based.


No worries - I’ll pass then, will cost just as much to send them up.

FWIW, from memory, Bike24 won’t ship Mavic to Australia, but you can add them to your cart.

Hows the Eu exchange going?

Fricken sick mate

Have to say im tempted by a dynamo hub 15mm

A day or two ago they had the shimano hydro brifters and brakes for only €336, but it didn’t last long at that price. They’re now €399

Cheers for the info, the rims I’m after aren’t Mavic so all good.

Bugger that would have been nice to know, must check them daily.

Yeh sorry. I forgot to post on here straight away then when I came back to do it the price had gone up.

No need for sorry’s :slight_smile: