Bikepacking Bag/Frame Bag Manufacturers

Some of you may have seen this already.

That goes straight to the favourites list.

Rad. I’m pretty confident I could go around Aust in “semi light > medium bike packing” mode on my bloody Swisscross with some of this gear. One day.

Gonna get Stealth to make me a half frame bag for the Caadx when I next have some spare coin. They look the biz.

Who’s the distro for Blackburn in Aus? New framebag looks like it could be aight.

AvantiPlus stores stock Blackburn products, if that helps.

Sheppards. so avantiplus or anyone that stocks giro cateye scott etc should be able to get stuff in


One more,

anyone know of a bag similar to the Bedrock Honaker? They’re sold out through their distro at velorution cycles.
Seems like a easy way to increase my water storage capacity compared to doing a zipetie jobbie on another bottle cage or installing new bosses and it doubles as a mini bar bag for a jacket etc.

Is it kosher to ask another manufacturer to create something similar to someone elses design?

Has worked for Apple for the past ten years. #innovation

Totally unrelated:
Now have an Oveja Negra Gearjammer, BBD Bar Sling, and Revelate Tangle bag. Just need to use it all. Anyone in Sydney keen for some #naturevibes ?

Perhaps a new thread in the SYD forum - I’d be keen but would have to be less hardcore-riding/gravel terrain and more nature vibes than what most people would want to do.

All set for Easter then!

Have you tested the Gearjammer yet? Interested to see how much they wobble around.

I’ve used mine heaps and as long as I do it up tight enough one the saddle rails it’s sweet.

Just sharing. A mate of mine has a pair of these he uses as handlebar mounted feed bags. They are slightly larger then the revelate/BBD bags and if you buy 2 or more the postage makes them $27 AUD each - not bad.

And then these look almost exactly the same:

sweet! Cheers Harry, definitely worth a crack. ill let you know whats it’s like

I must have searched for ever to find the cheapest ones! Good find Harry!!!

My ones showed up today. They are BIG! Could fit a 1L Nalgene EASILY. A DSLR would probably fit in one, too. I’ll take some photo’s for all y’all tonight.