Bikes interstate?

I recently bought a frame from a fellow in Brisbane that I’m assuming is too big for Australia to deal with. Could anyone recommend a courier company?

I’m in Newcastle but a Sydney Courier should be fine.

Thanks in advance

IF it’s not an enormous frame auspost might take it as a parcel if it’s wrapped well (i’ve sent and received frames by auspost a few times but not for a while)

Otherwise for good rates you might try greyhound bus lines - they freight stuff in the luggage hold of their buses. Depot to depot only so you’d have to arrange dropoff and collection at each end. I’m guessing there’d be a depot in Newcastle.

I’ve sent frames by Auspost before. Ignore their online calculator - it lies.

The last one I sent was from Melbourne to Sydney and that cost about $18 or so.

worth trying auspost, as cheaper and more reliable, but failing that:


also one i used recently was who are a bit cheaper, but not if you want a redeliver if receiver isn’t at the premises/location.

That sounds about right - it also depends a bit on who you get on the Auspost counter - I wanted to send a smallish frame a while ago (wrapped in bubble wrap and sturdy brown paper) and my local LPO guy insisted it had to be sent Aust Air Express at about $120…I took it to the LPO in the next suburb and they happily sent it as a registered parcel for less than $20.