Black Fixed

Recently finished buliding up my first fixie. 1980’s Gemini Roadie with Alexrims laced to Bianchi hubs. The rest is junk found around the house. Oh and an old hockey grip.

Hockey Grip tape :slight_smile:

Nice one man - hopefully see you out on a ride soon :slight_smile:

haha i dont see why u dont just keep that frame

ily hockey grip tape

haah sam, ken raises a good point,
why don’t you just use this frame?
as opposed to your very, VERY scratched yellow machine

this forum should be renamed “POST YOUR CONVERSION”

Yeah! That’d be heaps better. Worthwhile.

What size ring on the front? Looks BIG…

hey sell me a track frame and ill happily swap out. in the mean time. conversion it is. 51 teeth on the chainring.