Blakey help required- dynamo wheel

Blakey, I understand this was discussed a while back already. Is this dynamo wheel from Cell Bikes any good or complete rubbish? $99 ‘seems’ okay but happy to spend a bit more if it’s worth it. Just want a commuter 26 dynamo wheel.



BTW I’m not interested in the light!

i don’t understand, just get a little blinky light like a normal human

if you don’t want the light, then why do you need the dyno?

IIRC, the consensus was don’t bother, the light was the only half decent thing about the package.

shimano lights are pox. which is surprising given their hubs, brakes, front shifting…

that one uses a xenon bulb, not LED, so it’s going to have terrible light output and higher current draw. really old stock closeout. Don’t even know if it’s even got a standlight…

the hub is a base level nexus too, looks like a DH-2N35 / 3N30 or so. Heavier and draggier than the LX/XT/Alfine/3N80/SON/Shutter Precision hubs.

But, for $99 all up, it’s hard to beat. I’d definitely ditch the light ASAP and replace it with a B&M IQ Cyo / Cyo Premium / Eyc and get 50-80lux instead.

Or, if you have a spare rim and want to build a wheel, an alfine DH-S700 can be had on ebay for $45 plus post. Only 1.5W, but it’ll drive an LED light fine, plus it’s centrelock disc capable. (I have a spare 26" rim brake wheel and a spare disc only rim)

pretty sure the light is a massive piece of shit, unless I’m mistaken.
I already have a good LED dynamo light ready to go.

yep, my brain is slowing melting…

OG thread

buy a knog, never worry about dynamos again, on the cold, unlit streets of melbun

I’m never buying a knog, ever.

the new one is fucking awesome though

They should have dynamo powered lights, then I’d consider. Oh, and get rid of the awful silicon casings.

just take someone else’s they are pretty easy to find.

you seem upset, go for a relaxing pedal and power your dynamo for the cold windy day light saving evening you will inevitably have to ride through

Good to have you back, HMC

I never left, H, I never left.

For that money you can get a retina burning, 500 lumen, fuck off, X-Power 500, Moon unit!


Product - Weston Pointer

I’m pretty sure it’s not AL9000 endorsed though.

Thanks Blakey good advice right here.
So ‘bang for buck’ the DH-S700 is the one to get? I’ll have a look on ebay.