BMX Wallride

this is about as old as the interwebs itself dan :stuck_out_tongue:

but fucking epic none-the-less :sunglasses:

this wallride was actually before the internet was invented.

i think the word you are looking for dan is “worked”…

I think I need to buy some fresh…

I hadnt seen it.

i think its rad

and i dont care that its old.

I think it’s rad, is that what they would have called it back then. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s for you Nath.

But seriously it’s dam cool.

nah, id say its more “EXTREME” than rad…

it is the craziest most bodacious wall ride i seen Cowa-motherfukn-bunga

It’s the maddest rizzle to the wizzle I ever seen yo :mrgreen:

:lol: this is off the heezy!! nate new trick… fixed

Ryan Sher is a sick cunt

fixed wallrides are soo bootleg 2 :stuck_out_tongue: