BNE Omnium

Billy Wright, knower of all things track cycling, told me he had a vision.

In that vision said he, there will be an omnium.

The omnium, he said, will be soon, and, he said, it will be great.

So for those who are interested, i’ll post updates as i hear, or if you get em first then do the same, it should be in about 3/4/5 weeks, it’ll probably be on a saturday night, i can’t remember the exact format he said it might involve, but read this for more info, i remember he said probably 5 events, flying 200, standing lap, points, scratch and probably a kilo? and probably not those distances, thats olympic shit right there brah.

Anywhoo i guess the reason i’m putting this up is to encourage a few of the blokes who ride fixed plenty and have talked about getting on the track to get involved in this. i know the cost is prohibitive for some for a full licence, but this is the perfect time to go and get a 3 ride permit, do 2 tuesday nights so you get experience and learn all the safety issues involved, and then you can enter the omnium.

I can’t stress highly enough that doing a few tuesday night track nights is really really important, not only for you, but for everyone around you.

i’ve started growing my beard so that when i win i can shave it off, which i won’t, so i havn’t.

like mine?

or like the bike?

but yeah i might be keen… better make it a 15t phil then?

Red i have a no name 15t here you can have to see how it goes
might even have a 16t

red you’re one of the people i’m talking about, you can ride the shit out any bike, but you might have to limit the smokes inbetween events to one or two, just saying, but yeah, think about it

I think every fixed member should go $10 buy in winner takes all.

explain? i’m guessing there’ll be an entry fee, but are you talking side pots? yes! will you be fit to ride?

thats like cutting sampsons fucking hair man!!!

but srsly, track is kinda like polo yeah? get pissed in between games and then knock ppl off right?

cheers mate, got 16 roseli on atm, might just fuckin suck it up and buy 15t phil

EDIT: would even consider a 14 or 13 but might get in “trouble”

buy the 15, should have got a fix/fix rear and you wouldn’t have to piss about! i know what you mean by trouble but i wouldn’t want to be behind you in the bunch when you’re pulling skids at 45kph cos you can’t pull up your 101"s


wish i could skid… 49 14 puts me at what? 94? surely thats not too unacceptable…

rabbit ss calculator just made my comp do a fart :frowning:

Yeah 94,
15 is 88 that would still be pretty high.
Depends on if you like to push big gears
i like 84-86
street i like low 70’s

oooohhhh and i dont own/wouldn’t wear kit, can i rock the mankini?

or can i turn up in my rainbow rd jersy rockin footy stubbies and mtb shoes?

uhhhum!!! 49/15 is 86 mang!!! rabbit still farting but i know this one, set for 23’s yo…

so that would put 49 14 at about 92 or 93? surely i can do

and yeah i know more well versed track ppl would argue, but… lower gear CAN be easier to modulate speeds… at lower rpm imo, once you get to spin city, your up the fuckin creek, whereas ive found that talle GIresults in lower rpm thus making easier to modulate than spinning like mad, given that track would high speed i think lower gearing(spinning like mad) not so great… again just my opinion

I use chainvetica.
Dude if you had an iphone you could work it out easy.

its fine, i’ve only told you what i’ve been told, and you know it anyways, its easier to slow or accelerate in a smaller gear, and this means the bunch remains a bunch, and everyone walks off with the same amount of skin as when they started.

Big gi would be fine in a grade or even b.
C grade it sucks because people cant ride and you constantly run up there ass.

i dont argue or disagree one bit, but… it has a limit, this is the “spin city” i reffer to. thats where i beleive higher gi become easier to modulate, and high speed is track… but this is coming from some durrie smoking truck draffting tark rider

and yeah i got one of those special fones now… not as shit as an ifone but ill see what they have available for android :slight_smile:

EDIT: god do we have nothing better to do on a sat night lol

ha no we don’t, and its not always flat out at the track, points/scratch racing can be at any pace, its set by the bloke on the front, and if people are pullin half lap turns then it can change often, and from slow to fast/fast to slow/fast to fast whatever

soooooo stubbies or mankin?