Just putting this one up here - Wife and I are kind of sick of spending time in front of the TV of an evening watching series, instead we want to explore the world of board and card games.

A couple have been suggested to me already by way of Carcassonne and Sequence, and I have Monopoly Deal card game which is brilliant.

So basically, share what you play!

Oh boy, i have a couple of mates who i play games with, it can get really nerdy…

Risk legacy, the game changes as you play, and you customise the board.
Settlers of catan is good, classic german game.
Cartagena, pirates, good fast card game
Citadels, kinda nerdy, but good, it has good stratgey stuff and bluffy etc
And they even talked me ino playing the battlestar gallatica game, was epicly geeky and took 4 hrs, don’t think i’ll play that again.

Heard ticket to ride is good, trains 'n stuff.


Risk. If you want to play over several days, yell FULL BROAD SIDE at intermittent intervals, and possibly hate your partner for life, even going so far as to call her a war lord w/o moral compass. Oh and also to commit the lives of millions of men to the fatalistic chance of a dice roll.

edit: want to play risk so bad now.

A game called “Organized Crime” which has the funniest box cover.
Get down to your local thrift shop and look in the games section, there’s some gems out there.

Or, you know, if you wanna go fucking down the rabbit hole:


Simple to learn and play, with plenty of scope for being an arsehole and ruining your relationship.

Othello. A minute to learn… a lifetime to master.


Trivial Pursuit of gtfo.

Also: Scrabble. I just inherited my grandparents’ original scrabble set, scene of the only marital disagreements they ever had. My grandma had a pretty liberal idea of what constitutes an actual word, which I also inherited.

The only issue I have with Trivial Pursuit is the edition played. If you play an old edition some of the questions are about events that someone out age would have no idea about, or if you play a newer (or god forbid new and Australian) edition, you’ll need to brush up on your tabloid magazine trivia, rugby/football/cricket facts and TV soap operas.

So, basically, you’re shit at Trivial Pursuit?

Nah, just shit at all the sport questions.

In the words of Nick Offerman, why don’t you just ‘spend your time reading or 69ing’


My Bro is a huge games nerd, rode down to leongatha for his birthday recently and i actually felt like a jock (actually engineer with beard and glasses) all his friends are that nerdy :stuck_out_tongue:

Played cards against humanity, it’s hilarious with much scope for being un PC and potentially having to explain the meaning of terms like velching

if you like Lego the Lego board games are quite good as you can easily alter the rules, customize the dice, the board etc to suit

Magic The Gathering is fun. Or at least it was in 1999, haven’t kept up with the comings and goings.

If you have room, buy a pool table! Otherwise…

Briscola ! It’s an Italian, card game I learned from the old guys that used to sit around playing cards at the pool hall we hung around as teens.

Briscola - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Look up TableTop on YouTube.
Board game show hosted by Wil Wheaton (he of Star Trek Next Gen and other stuff).
They play lots of different games.
My favs are Settlers of Catan and a quick easy one you can take anywhere, Zombie Dice.
We also play Othello at home and I am hopeless at it.

Games with just 2 can be difficult. It’s good to keep it a bit competitive, games with points that you keep on the fridge are great for getting excited to play again.
Definately recommend Cribbage (the boards can be hard to find… check opshops) and Canasta for this. Also Yahtzee.

Backgammon is something I have been meaning to learn but just can’t gather the interest. If i can’t I doubt the missus would either haha. One day.