BOGear Papermunky

BOGear Papermunky bag
owned for 1 year
used in and around melbourne
first time i’ve used a messenger bag

this is a review i did soon after getting this from the guys at BOGear. hope it meets all the criteria of the new review section. MODS - please let me know if i need to edit/alter anything.

EDIT - now that i’ve had this bag for a year, it’s probably worth mentioning a few things.

-get the padded strap. i’ve taken it off maybe twice in a year.
-an elastic loop would be good to secure the extra length of strap that happens when the bag is done up really tightly. i currently just loop it through itself.
-you’ll need to figure out the best way to pack it to ensure it’s comfy. no padding in the section that rests on your back can be a pain for bulkier items (but that’s a given anyway).
-the ‘banner’ liner has started to peel away from itself in places, mainly in the sections that fold more often. guess this is to be expected as i have often had items with plenty of corners in it, done up tightly. maybe go for the sturdiest banner available at the time of production.

anyway, that should do for the moment. there’s a bit more info here

happy to answer any questions

Sweet review mate. Have been tossing up between this one and the next one up ‘DUB’. You reckon a 15" laptop would be a squeeze?

is there enough room in there to be suitable as an overnight bag as well?? only would be carrying a shirt/underwear/toiletries, plus work stuff, laptop, files etc?

hey HLC

if i were you, i’d go one size up from the Papermunky. i bought mine as an alternative to a backpack when i only had a few things to carry, ie - water bottle, diary, mini d-lock and some odds and ends. i have used it for a large amount of stuff in the past, but that’s usually been unplanned.

i managed to squeeze my 15" macbook into the papermunky, but it didn’t leave much room for anything else. my old 15" toshiba notebook didn’t fit as it was a lot chunkier. you could use it for a laptop bag, but not if you have to add clothes etc, might get a bit tight and difficult to make comfortable on your back if it’s full to the brim.

so my advice if you’re wanting to carry a bit more would be to go one size up. i know user ‘ellepea’ has a Sindrome that he might be looking to sell, maybe shoot him a pm.

let me know if i can help any further.

Cheers mate thanks for the honest feedback!! When riding would only have minimal in it, looking for an alternative as I hate traveling with 2 bags- laptop and overnight when im out and about for work.

I have a dub which I believe sits in between the papermunky and the sindrome. It easily fits my 15" Macbook, a change of clothes and some other bits and pieces.

ellepea has a DUB, barely used, is for sale, is very good, pm if you wants. Now has Elephantitus, is much bigger

Can you guys say anything about how waterproof these bags are? Will they keep my change of tight jeans dry while I’m smashing it through the pouring rain?!

I’ve never had a single drop of water enter my DUB, and I use it more or less every day regardless of the weather. A quick wipe down when you get home and it’ll look good as new on the outside as well.

i’ve had my Dub for a little while now, use it every day on my travels to work and all weekend. it’s even been out at sea with it fishing

I like this forum, he solved my many problems, thank you