Bombing hills

I’m not sure if this thread already exists, sorry if it does, but I looked for 10 mins and found donuts.

This is one of my favourites. Mitchell St, from High street to Andrew st. Pretty steep, pretty quiet road with enough time to slow down so a car entering the roundabout at the bottom doesn’t kill you. And red door is at the bottom. They have nice food too.

Anybody else have favourites?

Take the Cootha challenge.

when we doing it then :stuck_out_tongue:

back road only, you would have NO chance of stopping on the front side where it comes to the T intersection at the bottom :frowning:

The Studley Park Rd hill, from Kew into Johnston Street. Early Sunday morning, with no cars.
The Gorge rd at Sth Morang. (Just don’t try pulling into the gravel car park at the bottom!)

I am a big fan of that one because there’s no traffic light at the very bottom, not to mention the only side street/slip-lane thingy you have to worry about,you can usually see if a car is coming and be prepared to take evasive action in case they don’t look.

When I get the light going the opposite direction into Kew Junction, it always makes my day.

amen yitch. Sometimes I’ll hang at the top of the hill, as soon as I see the light go green to bomb the kew junction intersection.

For inner suburbs, I like Johnston St down to Hoddle St after coming off Kew Bouli + Walmer on the way to work of a morning. Lots of traffic to keep up with and then pass in the bus lane. Seems to be a popular one :slight_smile:

For outer suburbs/country, too many to recall but the memory of some of them is written in big brown exclamation marks on my knicks.

Bombing hills is just about my favourite thing to do on my bike.

I quite like St Georges Rd in Toorak, from about Yarradale Rd onwards, but especially the section after Orrong Rd. It’s steep, and as you hit the bottom, it’s an almost blind left-hand turn into an occasionally busy 2-lane roundabout.

There’s nothing like impending death at the bottom to make a hill exciting.

Down Hay St to Rokeby road. Not a very steep hill, but goes for ages and has speed bumps along the way which mixes things up a bit. Also gets some nice slow moving traffic (read: speed bumps), so you get a bit of lane splitting happening during peak hour… not that I endorse this activity at all :roll:

Used to do the Studley park rd hill on the daily to uni when i lived in Kew. Would also hang at the top of the Kew Junction Hill for the run through the Junction.
Now I live in Windsor and its just flat with dickhead drivers.

Barkers Rd from Carey Grammar down to the 7-11 in kew is fun too.

Punt Rd hill down to Alexander Parade is a ripper when you have the green at the bottom.

Really nice multiple turn hill section into Sunbury From the north side of town, nice Road, blind corners, no lights, no side streets. Max P and Benny can vouch for this one too as we did it on the way back in from Echuca.

im a big fan of swanston st. Usually its crap cos of all the lights. Once! however i got every single light from melbourne uni to flinders with an extreme tail wind. Two of the best minutes on a bike ever.

I got attacked by a fucking magpie there a few weeks ago. I don’t like that hill anymore.

Sankey St :evil:,+Australia&ll=-27.487593,153.013398&spn=0,359.998966&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=-27.487687,153.013375&panoid=ecFunAsmZc-T_60v5eABFA&cbp=12,14.17,0,9.41

shit, forgot about sankey, i think it wins hands down, that hill is stupidly steep, and pretty long too :evil:

Kelvin Grove road at about 4:30 in the arv. So much fun passing all those cars.

Love bombing down Flinders Lane, Lt Bourke and Lt Collins from Spring St down to Elizabeth…winding through traffic and epic skidz using the full width of the road…smooth too.

Mountain Ave or Two Bays Rd in Mt Eliza, around dawn. Or Balcombe Hill. And the compression near the bottom of Oliver’s always raises a smile.


Huon Road, coming off Mt Wellington into Hobart. Seriously good fun. Not too twisty, but enough corners to keep a grin on your head. Would have a few loose moments brakeless, but definitely doable.

Who’s coming down to ride it?

The favorites in my burb are: Down Upper Heidelberg Road through Ivanhoe. And starting from the same spot, bombing down Burgundy St.