Bombing hills

From the land of sheep…I present…


Baldwin St Dunedin?
35% at it’s steepest.

There’s a 27 percenter in Warburton that claims to be Australia’s steepest street, but I can’t rememember it’s name. I know a bloke who has ridden up it. It bottoms out at a T-intersection by the river.

outbound obviously

walked up that… sucked haha


hang on a sec - it’s wednesday night, why aren’t you riding?

gastro. explosive fucking gastro. just getting over it, didn’t fancy a rain ride in my weakened condition.

Oliver’s Hill, Frankston. Steep, fast, two lanes of highway traffic. Will fly past the cars everytime. A guy died coming down it on Around The Bay last year though.

Yess Sankey and Kelvin Grove are both good ones too.

I’m down for whenever someone wants a go :evil:

the run down new south head road from the old souh head roundabout is pretty nice and Birriga Road Bellevue Hill‎ is pretty sweet!

good thread!
wish I could head out to Studley Park rd now considering its only 5 mins away from me, but homework says no :frowning:

I grew up around some great hills in Donvale including this one, only problem is the speed trap they put at the bottom of it

Yep. The backside of Wooralla Drive, also. Except you have to cross the train tracks at the bottom and are a bit sketchy.

Also, the tail of the Esplanade in Mt Martha, where it goes through the ‘whale’ and becomes Marine Pde. Killer.

Hobart - I used to live up top of Mt Stuart Rd, which has a wicked drop down to the Brooker. Got snow in winter, but never got to ride it. 2klms with a 150+ metre drop.

Also in Melb… Mount Glenferrie from Riversdale Rd down to the station.

And my morning run, a drop straight onto Barkers Rd hill. Where I almost took out a couple of private school girls who stopped to play grab ass in the middle of the lane yesterday.

Sugarkane, check out Attunga Street (extension of Queen Street). Let me know if you ride it!

this beast i used to have to climb/ride down at my old place at the top of mt gravatt road. that is the back door. the front door hill on prenzler st i marked as a no go zone.

from the bottom

from the top

pics dont do it justice. but it was a bastard.

oh, and Parker St, Anglesea.

heartbreak hill yeah ?

birriga x 2.

what about that mental hill in north sydney coming down from the war memorial park.

[quote=Captain Commuter ]

Is that the one that leads out of Anglesea back onto the Great ocean Road? If so man thats steep, i only got to go up it unfortunatly and it nearly made me cry.

You chaps know Anglesea well? I’ll be down there again this summer giving my MTB a work out. Noble Street is good: not as steep but over 2km long from memory and a nice run out before the round about to slow down a bit!

Shortsie, I think the street you are referring to is O’Donohue.

[quote="shortsie "]

It’s the last street on the right before the highway hooks up the hill.

The folks had a place halfway up it. Goes straight up and gets steeper and steeper as it does. It’s a bastard going up, dead scary coming down.

dont know if anyone has said but i cbf reading. i hardly know how any way. top of toorak road down through toorak village then along down to chapel street. nice long steep. only red light to really worry about is williams road but got miles to see if red or green other wise when you get that green you go straight through down cross the ped crossing then back up to chap street other wise anoth of my favs i do every moring is where brighton road becomes st kilda road at fitzroy st. stkilda junction. tough ride up but fun down unless you get the light at the bottom of hill at fitzroy street. peace. sorry if someone already mentioned either of the two. but like i said cbf reading the thread. peace out