bonds hipster trunk underpants.

what’s the point of this review? everyone you know already wears these. best underwear known to man.

Hipster Trunk - Trunks - Underwear - Mens

sometimes, if you’re using the self-serve checkouts at best n less, you can put two pairs on the one hanger and neither the checkout or the person who oversees the checkout will pick up on it. two for one deal!

G-strings 4 life!

Peter Alexander are my new favourite.

i’m hesitant to make a purchase without seeing a pic of you in them.


those self service checkouts are a clepto’s wet dream. surely the money they’re planning to save by employing less staff is just being walked out the door in stolen stock

Jockstraps… always.

trunks are the worst underpants. they’re so ugly, they ride up, altogether a shit package.
to me they’re like briefs for homophobes, and are anti-sexual.
briefs or boxers, none of tthis in-between bullshit.
these are the bonds you want.

^ this.

But I’m all about these. Best gruts eva.

I have worn nothing but for over 5 years.
The most comfortable underwear in the world.

Strange no one’s mentioned these yet?
Rapha Merino Boxers

paging gene…

my goto’s are ck’s but i also have a draw full f the bonds and a couple a pairs of the rapha ones all are good

how did this “hipster trunk” joke not get made yet?

^lolz at 2008!

I’m waiting for a sweet ck x rapha collabo. I’d be all about that.

I swing both ways Fit Brief for day time and Hipsta Trunks for bed time

Dude… wrapping the jewels at bedtime is not good for them.

Same. Only 2nd to nudity.

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i think you’ll find these are made for women dude.

I though this thread said Bondi Hipsters
Bondi Hipsters - On Manufacturing Ethics - YouTube