Still dubious nik!!

Currently quite enjoying Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado.

Also will plug mad dog Gerald Murnane seeing as he finally won a thing. Hope he celebrated with a round at the Goroke golf club bar.

Get around the lad!

Started this one from on the wifes recommendation.

Finally got around to reading Dark Emu. Everyone has a moral duty to do so!!

Yet to read it, but it’s on the list. Bruce Pascoe is great.

Was talking briefly to Blakey about this book that I finished the other day. It has a strong posititive following and was nominated for the Booker Prize - which I have no real understanding of, kind of like seeing wines with the medal stickers on them “fuck, that must be a good wine”.

Anyway, I went on to read it and I couldn’t make any sense of what was going on. The story line jumped forwards/backwards/sideways and characters names also changed a bit.

I know a lot of people say that you shouldn’t waste time on a book you aren’t enjoying - but it was only a short read so I struggled on with it and hoping that it would just click at one point. It didn’t.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I just can’t read books that get a lot of praise for the way they are written (prose praise?). Sometimes I feel like the online reading reviewers is just one big circle jerk of people trying to sound smarter than the next. Kind of like a bunch of people arguing over what band is the best band in the world and I don’t recognise any of the bands so I just sit in the corner nodding like I know what is being said.

Having said all of that. That cover is absolutely beautiful. (Yes I know the saying!!)

ANYWAY. I have started another book to cleanse the palette of the Everything Under… I am very much enjoying The Road to Winter.

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You seem to be describing Finnegan’s Wake. I tried to read it but I still have absolutely no fucking clue what it is about. But the language is beautiful to read out loud. I used to open it at random pages and read it to my dog, I think she understood it much better than me.

So after having a hyped reading fail as previously mentioned - I wanted to get back on track with some good reading and as mentioned. Picked up a copy of The Road to Winter, an Australian novel based on a disease outbreak that wipes out most of the population. Classic survival story really, nothing new by a good gripping story. It was a short read so I was happy to get that out and gave it a solid 5. Palette cleansed.

I saw this book at the bookshop and really enjoyed the cover - and because I am a visual person, I picked it up and luckily the blurb spoke to me. It is about 530 pages which is a big read for me, but I am 3/4 of the way through now after a solid weekend on the couch. Highly recommend this!

recently read Emily WIlson’s translation of the odyssey. A+ what a ride.

might have a future that story.

give it another thousand years and we’ll see.

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New book time! Something to break up the fantasy/made up worlds book loop I seem to be in at the moment.

Will see how this goes, because you know… I am a runner now.

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Jeez, i was pretentious in 09.
The Decameron. really?

its ok man haha (It actually is a film too).

Yeah it wasnt bad either. You mean the one with Aubry Plaza yeah?
The Little Hours?

Books lately have been the new Kramers Ergot comic anthology.
Fucking amazing. highly recommend

nah a weird Italian one from the 70s I think. my mum made me watch it when I was like 15. Strange explicit sex scene with nun, rip childhood. Nek minit fixies.

Finished " What I Talk About When I Talk About Running"

Didn’t really enjoy it, there was nothing of note - just broken ramblings of his life. Not really sure what I was meant to get out of it, it had been recommended to me by a few people because of the whole starting to run thing. Anyway, glad it’s over.

Now onto this:


New Meg and Mog stories by
Simon Hanselmann. Darkest and saddest so far.