Boring Confessions

currently addicted bubble tea with cheese foam.

do recommend.

i know i probs shouldn’t judge it without trying it first, but i look at those places with sheer amazement, coz that sounds so godawful i don’t even know where to start.

as if you have to try something to know its bad, what crass empiricism.

lol. seems that there’s a large quantity of people that seem to enjoy it, so i guess i’m assuming there must be something enjoyable about it…

Some peoples opinions are sh!t…

See Michael Buble and Justin Bieber…

tbf Bieber has some big time bangers. Unfair to conflate with the bubs imo

I used to get a donut and milkshake from one place. Then I discovered the place next door to that place has milkshakes 50c cheaper.
So now I get my donut from one place and my milkshake from the other.


Pedals are my favorite thing to remove from a bike

Supply chain diversification. It’s a thing.


I haven’t posted on this forum in over 8 years, thanks for keeping my account.

Edit… 5 years.

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Site says 6!

What would it take for a @brendan return?

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turning foa into a football forum. and that would be the most boring thing ever.

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twenty charact

Back when Melbourne Gravel Grinders was a thing and DDCX was all the rage.

what a time to be alive.

Needs moar CraigC…

It’s all just moved to Tassie

Lose the last bit

I often take a mandarin and an apple to work for a pre-lunch snack. I have to eat the mandarin first. If I eat the apple first the mandarin tastes like shit. You heard it first.