Boring Confessions


Apparently one of their cheapish whiskeys is quite good.


same, except i have two colours so my cycle is fortnight. Break things up a bit.


My office pants are all shades of beige and brown. If I bust out the black ones it must mean I have a hi-po meeting.


I’ve got a pair of Cactus canvas pants I’ve owned since about 2003 that I think I washed around 2008 maybe.


Wearing boots to work now, I can’t be bothered finding matching socks to wear.


I buy my socks in bulk and make sure they are exactly the same, both in comfort and look.


I had square crumpets with Rose’s raspberry conserve


In ten years of full time work I’ve never worn a shirt a second time without washing it. Trousers maybe 3 times max. I just seem to be perpetually sweaty. I also have a distrust of deodorant products, so maybe that’s my problem.


I woke up a bit before my alarm was meant to go off, I got up and didn’t try to going back to sleep


My wife has training today, so I’m doing the kid drop off and starting work late.


My boss made a sarcastic comment about taking my birthday off, so here I am, having a day off for my birthday.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Moccos!


BC: I drew a Unicorn for the first time ever today helping out for girlswear.
Still trying to get a skullicorn happening :stuck_out_tongue:


after more than a decade of considering swimming laps for exercise as being a particularly shit option that i’m not very good at, i have recently contemplated perhaps giving it another try in an attempt to find something that is a quicker option that a 100km ride…


^ I’m not a very good swimmer. My triathlon career never really took off due to that.


Get a good indoor trainer and smash yourself on it.


my housemate just bought one actually…


Quality is as important as quantity. A short, hard ride can improve the cardiovascular system more than pottering around for 100km


Getting borderline interesting here people. Steady on.