Boring Confessions

Hey there - one at a time please. Or things get too exciting.

I have never written a cheque.

BC: I have written a cheque. Possibly only one, but I have written one…

This just raises more questions. Why were there cables in your pencil case? Why do you have a pencil case?

you’re in for a ride. buckle up.

where else can he keep his 8mm?

I had some cables, and originally had space in my pencil case so put them in there. The pencil case is for my pencils.

BC - I spent about 2 minutes this morning debating whether I need to pack my pencil case for a work trip to Canberra. Since it’s only 1 night, I decided I could risk the single blue and red pens and yellow highlighter I keep in my briefcase, after double-checking the ink levels.

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absolute mad lad!!!

boing confession: I own three fountain pens but dont show anyone so that ppl dont judge me. private use only.

writing erotic 1990s EPO era cycling fan fiction?

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Ooooh, right. I had one of those…in primary school.

i also have a pencil case. it’s a BOGear Simple Sally.

it contains precisely one pencil.

duh, otherwise it’d be a pencils case

i found the pencil only recently.

So where do you keep your pencils?

In a drawer…

Whatever floats your boat.


20 characters.

Careful. That’s bordering on mildly interesting.

I made mine a house…

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