Boring Confessions

I used to get a donut and milkshake from one place. Then I discovered the place next door to that place has milkshakes 50c cheaper.
So now I get my donut from one place and my milkshake from the other.


Pedals are my favorite thing to remove from a bike

Supply chain diversification. It’s a thing.


I haven’t posted on this forum in over 8 years, thanks for keeping my account.

Edit… 5 years.

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Site says 6!

What would it take for a @brendan return?

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turning foa into a football forum. and that would be the most boring thing ever.

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twenty charact

Back when Melbourne Gravel Grinders was a thing and DDCX was all the rage.

what a time to be alive.

Needs moar CraigC…

It’s all just moved to Tassie

Lose the last bit