Bridges of Brisbane 2

One of the fastest Brisbane alleycats returns this July. For those who remember Bridges of Brisbane 1 this years event will be mostly the same with a couple of twists thrown in to celebrate Le Tour.

7 Bridges will be included this year:
Story Bridge
Goodwill Bridge
Victoria Bridge
William Jolly Bridge
Kurilpa Bridge
Go Between Bridge
Eleanor Schonell (Green) Bridge

Start planning your route, more details to follow soon.

This event will start and finish at my place and after the alleycat I will be broadcasting the 19th Stage of the tour as the boys climb up Alpe-d’Huez.

You may want to bring a sleeping bag as on Saturday we will crank up the projector for the individual time trial in Grenoble and some roller racing action in the garage.

Ill make sure I have steak for dinner in the week leading up.


Can you take that dodgy little Spanish bloke off the flier and replace him with Jens… pleeeeaaase. He angers me.

“Shut up legs”

whoop… fav alley-cat of all time. in

Awesome, Dan, great weekend you’re planning there!

soundz awesome!

love the flyer too!
you took that from mt gravatt - right?

^nah - that’s the view from the top of my ego

Dan, have you factored the planned Coro dr bikeworks into your plans?
Cyclists and pedestrians to split in upgrade

mmmm - cause we ALWAYS obey the rules and all

I don’t have to. They’re not blocking access to the bridges so there won’t be any problem in you guys being able to collect those checkpoints, it will only make a difference to how you plan your route.

@Dave: Photo from a chopper, stolen off the web. Had a good laugh making this one last night and might look at making another version including Jens for Marty later.


Hey sounds like a fun day! Just curious where you live though for the start/finish?

just round the corner from CI :wink: hahaha

ohhh, I havn’t booked flights yet, but I might be up around that time!
Might have to suck someones wheel so I don’t get lost in a new city.

this alleycat’s made for out of towners!
you won’t get bigger checkpoints - and they’re all neatly laid out in a big watery row!

keen. may ride this time too.

You should definitely come up for this one. Saturday night is roller racing as well so it’s a weekend full of bike sports. You can crash at my place if you want, plenty of space.

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