Bridges of Brisbane 2

this made me lol

Jens Voigt Soundboard | JVA

when combined with a telephone, makes for endless hours of enjoyment

while we’re on the topic though - full metal jacket soundboards provide extreme levels of hilarity:
Full Metal Jacket Soundboard 1
Full Metal Jacket Soundboard 2

Just can’t find the one that has the eye gouge and subsequent skull fuking

want one marty?

Shut Up Legs - XS - Apres Velo - Live the Ride

do you need to ride fixed for this event or are gears ok.

So good, may have to pull the trigger on that one.

Bikes are all equally good. Except freestyle fixed things… they’re shit.

oh skip how I have missed you.

How was your one week ban? :wink:

Pretty good, have a look at the jokes thread for the latest bout…

Awesome, thanks. I’ll be staying with a mate in New Farm. I just need to figure out what I’m doing, as to whether I’ll be able to stay down the Saturday night.

You know you want to Sime! TDF partay in downtown brisbane.

ahhh I may aswell stay down, as of midnight Saturday it’ll be my birthday too… Partay in the BNE!

hells yeah!

I’ll try and do the honourable thing of crashing during the ride.

And are those bridges in the same spot since the flood?

And Declan - I might just have to let your tyres down before the start.


You’re SHIT mate.

More details. Firstly I’ve included a 7th bridge into the mix now, so that means we’ll be hitting every bridge between the green bridge and the story bridge (except for the captain cook bridge for obvious reasons).

There will be 3 major prizes on the night:
GC Jersey: best overall time
Sprinters Jersey: timed sprint leg at the end of the ride near my place (exact route released shortly)
Climbers Jersey: timed climb up the Duttonberg. From the bike path exit under the green bridge to Gladstone road.

Positions of checkpoints on the bridges will be released shortly.

I did mean to ask you about the possibility of bonus points for captain cook

Soft. Make it the full 8 and include Gateway (or whatever its “new” name is). Make shit SERIOUS. Besides, only Shirts would hit it up… and if he managed to do it in the same time as everyone else then he deserves to win. (you should do Gateway too anyway Shirts, even if it isn’t part of the race)