Bringing an old bike back to life on the cheap

I have an Apollo bike that has been with me since new, in 2001.

As it is now 15 years old and has not been ridden in many many years, I am looking to bring it back to life - but I want to do so cheaply. The bike doesn’t owe me anything, and if I was to spend much money on it I’d be better off buying a new ride.

26" hardtail
8 speed (mixed Alivio and Acera bits)
V-brakes (frame has disc mounts)

Needs - chain and BB at a minimum. Cassette would be good. Indexing of gears is still smooth, shifts surprisingly well.
Fork might benefit from being replaced - not sure if it has seized entirely or just needs some love.

I had a look at, but their supply of super cheap clearance NOS parts seems to have disappeared.

Have a look at Velogear. They have a lot of really cheap shit and free shipping at the moment.

Replacing the chain can be a slippery slope. For example, you put on a new chain, but the old cassette is worn so they don’t quite ‘mesh’ and run smoothly. Then you get a cassette and you should probably get new chain rings because they are worn too and you don’t want to wear your new chain and cassette out too soon. Then for the money you may as well get a whole crankset for a bit more. The new cranks will go with that new bottom bracket too.

That’s the drive train sorted.

It’s really hard to provide advice without actually seeing the bike in the metal, but generally, replace the tyres, cables, brake pads, maybe grips and then whatever is not working (the bottom bracket?) and no more. Or do the lot and feel smug about not needing to buy a new bike.