Bris Cyclocross

Surprised this hasn’t been posted (just copied the info from brizttreadley)

July 21, 2012

                                 [b][Mudsters of the Universe / NRG Cycles Cyclocross]([/b]

                                             Event details [TBA](, but it will be at Monier Road, Darra. And it will be awesome! Go Brad!

August 18, 2012

                                 [b][Ipswich Cyclocross (Queensland CX Champs)]([/b]

                                             Ipswich Cycling Club, driven on by the indefatigable Scott  Kirton, will hold its third annual cyclocross event. And this year you  can become a State Champ!!

Venue: Jim Finimore Park, Old Toowoomba Rd, Leichhardt.

Details TBA.

The Mudster aka the Mad Hatter of West End is a member here. I’m sure he’ll be along soon with more info.

Keen to race this year!!!

Wade’s going to kill it! Crabon this, Focus that!

Damn straight I will be along soon - thanks foetusfoetus!!!

I was talking to a friend that races MTB’s and she put me on to this little number.

BSMC Summer Sprints

I called up the organisers and they said cross bikes would be fine. I am going to do a bit of a reconnaissance of Underwood park soon to have a look. I will let you all know - either way I will be racing the next event on the 18th.

el Brado, if you are on Strava, this is the course.
Summer sprint 2012 (Clockwise)

Pretty off the carbon wheels when I ride in the dirt…

Seems like some of the mountain bike clubs have taken us poor unorganised Queensland cyclocrossers under their wings and have provided us with a few races.

Brisbane South MTB Club 1st April @ Springwood - CX bike approved course, I will be in D grade.

West Side Riders Club 22nd April @ Wallon- CX category, start will be with B grade.

Races are $30 a pop. I will be at both and I hope you will too.

Good to catch up with foetusfoetus today down at Underwood.

Track was pretty hard work - lots of switchbacks and sections that slowed the cross bikes down but still super fun to be able and get out and ride.

Brad, were you on the Crux wearing the matching Panasonic jersey? We were the guys near the start giving you a cheer for riding the CX.
We had some mates racing there today and went to have a look before we headed off to Daisy for our own ride.

Yeah that was me, hi Gordy. Thanks for the cheers!

foetusfoetus was riding the single speed orange Jamis - he gear ratio meant he was doing it tougher then me.

Yeah, we saw him.
Good racing both of you guys.
I have been meaning to catch up with you to discuss caps.

Have been reluctant to take up these races, but i guess it would be fun to do it on the CX bike, the mtbers would take pity on me- at least I can be assured that I will be last, and wish I was riding the 29er dually :slight_smile:
May come along to the next one.

The race at Walloon will involve different landscape to that at Priestdale.

Priestdale had ruts from water run-off that were 1/2 a foot deep in many places, and a climb from the low point on the course that had roots and bits of stump spray painted hi-viz in amongst those ruts. It was tough to get any momentum there. (There is youtube of the circuit)

Really felt like I’d turned up to a ditch-digging contest with a trowel; and my gearing may have been suitable for the Ipswich race but most of the competitors kept it close to granny gear for the ride.

It was nice to get out and support.

We have a flyer.

did you do

West Side Riders Club 22nd April @ Wallon- CX category, start will be with B grade ?

No I had to work that day I couldn’t get anyone to swap the shift…

Just had a look at another forum and it appears that there will be a large CX contingent at Walloon this Sunday.

Rego at 7 racing from 8. Links are above.

The ‘large’ contingent was 2. Perhaps a few more next time.

Walloon Club Day 20052012 - a set on Flickr

I was bummed I couldn’t make it out there yesterday. I got a case of the man flu on Thursday and it knocked me out for the weekend.

Whenever I am on the bike all I think of is cross, and missing an organised event like this hurts.