Brisbane Beerquest I (Saturday 4th June)

Taking a page from the mighty P!N20’s book we are going to have our own series of brew rides now that the weather has chilled out somewhat.

The first target is Burleigh Brewing Company who make the range of Duke beers plus other one-offs. The Brewery has tastings and tours on the first Saturday of the month from 2pm and stays open until 4pm so we get 2 hours of tasting and drinking in after our ride down there. What is also good is that the brewery is practically next door to Varsity Lakes station so we can get the train back to Brisbane at the end of tasting.

It’s about 90kms from Brisbane to the brewery and we will roll at a steady but gentle pace of around 25-30kph. This is a social ride not a race and we have a lot of time to get down there so there is no rush.

Finer details to be worked out closer to the event but for the moment save the date. At this stage I’m thinking that if we leave around 8:30am we can roll through somewhere on the GC for lunch before hitting up the brewery at 2pm.

Overseas :frowning:

At least that means we won’t have someone insisting that we have to ride through that shit road at Pimpama :wink:

so we looking 180km return? i spose its for a good cause, my liver has been naughty, it needs to be punished

this made me lol - that road is fuking rubbish

Try telling that to Gypo.

Is this one still going forward? weather permitting im still keen

This Saturday guys! I need to get some numbers as we need to make a booking. Cost will be $20 per head which will get you a glass, 4 beers and a tour and chat with the brewers.

Please let me know if you’re coming by Wednesday lunchtime.

yeah im in, even if it rains, might just be lazy and train it down if this happens.

what time is departure dan? i might just meet you guys at the top of my street on logan rd

Count me in. Really looking forward to this one.

Still looking to leave at 8:30 Dan?

normally i would be totally down, but my mum is up and i can’t really be gone for that long. soz.
next time!

^why don’t you bring her along? win-win

lol 8:30, i was thinkin more like 10, shit done open till 2pm.

i vote several beers at archive upon return also, Red/Brumbies kickoff at 7:40

im in antmandan - if I can’t get the road shoes on by the weekend, I’ll do it on the eggbeaters/mtb shoe combo instead

only managed to catch the second half of the reds game on sunday after polo, but fuk it was a great game!

we don’t have a car atm…
i’m trying to think of a way i could come…but it looks grim…

Seems like we have the beginnings of a posse. Let’s meet at my place at 8:30am, if you need the address just PM me, otherwise please let me know if you are coming so we don’t leave without you.

The brewery are expecting 5-10 of us and as I said earlier it is $20 which includes 4 beers and a glass.

The reason for leaving a bit earlier is just to give us some mechanical repair time and also let us have a bit of lunch at Burleigh Heads before hitting the brewery. I plan to return on the train: Varsity Lakes 4:18 or 4:48 which arrive at Southbank at 5:30 or 6:00pm respectively.

Happy to meet peeps on the way down Logan Rd.

just dink her on the hangers

dan i’m keen on coming

Bringing the new steed?